Winter Kait skin in SASxSH4DOWS video

Winter Kait skin is shown next to Guilded Raam skin in his video about the crimson red lancer! Is this new?

Probably be a reward for doing a challenge of some sort or even a pre order bonus.

I thought that when they announced earnable carry over Guilded Raam they said we would have a chance at “characterS” plural. Talked to Grexoz and he didn’t know about it and said they most likely wont be allowed to talk about it on dev stream tonight.

Maybe at e3 they will announce it as the next earnable character bc I am not buying another lancer prop just to get it

Seeing ‘Winter Kait’ in the E3 trailer would make me think she’d be a normal ‘common’ character at launch in the game. But who knows, she might be the next (and final) earnable character in Gears 4… :thinking:

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Yeah I hear ya. Few more days and a lot of questions will be answered, minus the MP of course. That will come when the E-League starts up in July.

There’s enough Kait variants in Gears 4, so I sincerely hope she’s not the next earnable character. I doubt it though. That’d be disappointing and boring, especially (as @TotalMadMike pointed out) she’ll already be a common default character in Gears 5.

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TC specifically said that Gilded RAAM would be the first of “several”, so by dictionary definition “several” means “more than two”. I’d imagine we’ll get two more characters, so three in total including RAAM.

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I’d find it odd if that was really the next earnable character. If anything it should be a skin earned in Gears 5 by playing the Campaign or something. I mean, why would we get a skin for the next game by playing the current installment in the series?

But if this really is what they’re doing I doubt it can be changed or that they would change it.

Just to add, that we have the next Whats Up In Gears update later today, so we may learn more about the next set of challenges given the current one finishes on Sunday.

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Like I said, it’s doubtful…but this Franchise never ceases to amaze me. We’ll see in the What’s Up later.

I haven’t watched his Vids… But I’m assuming it’s the one based on a photoshop from a different YTer.

People like to make fake cards in order for their thumbnail to look like they have some exclusive content, and hell generate views.

I have no doubt that Winter Kait will be a skin in G5. She may be one of the future earnable ones… But we’ve seen nothing yet to support that.

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No What’s Up today, as I suspected, so we won’t know if this is true or not. Why didn’t they at least make a forum banner for this instead of only posting it on Twitter? For anyone who hasn’t caught it yet.

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The winter kait variant will be the the Gears 5 default. They wouldn’t put an earnable G5 character into 4 . If anything the next carryover character will probably be a Gilded Cog or something along those lines.

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Nice call.