Winter fahz best skin yet!? Exclamation!

Best skin yet, right? Coalition went above and beyond on this one. At least three times better than the winter JD. Can’t wait to see the winter collector fahz…now that I typed it, a carbon black armor fahz would be cool.

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Delivery Driver Mac exists so that would be a solid no.


Like I said in another thread:

Beach Body Fahz > Winter Armor Fahz


I can’t wait for the other 20 different winter skins to come out, omg thinking about it makes me wanna cry tears of joy!

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Winter Armor JACK?


TC must complete the beige collection!

when they deliver " UBER DRIVER MAC " that would be the day we would have the BEST SKIN YET.

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Mechanic Mac might be best looking Mac. But unfortunately, no one knows what it looks like except TC.

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The best skin was skeleton kait. hands down. No skin has been as good yet.

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Hi @Ektope

yeah I read the thread reagarding MECHANIC MAC , I’m quite interested to see how it looks once TC releases it . also @o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o without a doubt would buy it . me as well :slight_smile:

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LuL @ you plebs running anything other than Chrome Steel Fahz.

Krampus Scion would disagree…