Wins not counting in ranked matches post operation 4 update


Is anyone else experiencing issues with wins not being recorded in ranked matches? I have had 5 gridiron wins in the last 2 hours not counted . I really hope TC are able to rectify this situation soon and give us our wins which we have earned during playing the game.

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Reaper :slight_smile:

Well I noticed op4 launched well with correct update stats and everything working. Idk wtf happened a couple hours ago. I actually lost over 200 rank Koth wins seems like rank stats reset to a few weeks back. Nothing is accumulating now for me, but gameplay itself, it’s been running dam smooth for me for hours. This is actually the best I’ve seen Gear’s 5 run period.

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Yes it is the best the game has been running, it just sucks that I went a whole night earning 8 gridiron wins and they haven’t counted, especially when I am trying to get higher up the leaderboard.

I am happy everything is counting now, would just appreciate if there was a way for TC to fix my wins stats to add the ones from last night, I was streaming most of the games so its not like I am trying to dupe them, its on stream. I guess if it doesn’t get fixed I will just have to suck it up. Here is my twitch channel if it helps, if a TC member is watching these The stream should clearly show I am not getting those wins as I check after almost every game and it stuck at same number.

It seems like my stats accumulated later after everything was fixed. Hopefully it done the same for you. Welcome to the forum btw. If you have issues I find it best to get at TC on Twitter or you can tag a CM here and hopefully that can’t get someones attention. Or submit a ticket.

Thanks man, yeah I usually dont go into the forums much but I do play gears religiously and want to try to get the best experience when I can. It seems my stats did count up in the end, so issue got resolved :slight_smile: