Winning a game as a solo player has literally become impossible

Every match I have to play against these five stacks of diamonds (with a team of golds and silvers obviously), who lag to hard that they skip frames every few seconds with 70% and 83% point blanks flying left and right.

And the best thing is, you get punished for losing, because I am “expected to win” alone against five players who can communicate, while I am stuck with teammates who barely know how to reload their weapon or even cross an enemy from time to time.

And don’t even get me started on these absolute horrendous spawnpoints. Koth for me is more likeley “getting shot in the back constantly because spawning enemies right behind me while I just ran out of my spawn is totally fine and just adds to the enjoyment”.

And I am not sorry that I constantly quit games, because there is no fun in a matchmaking and rank system that puts me against the laggiest stacks imaginable, with teammates who I should not get matched with, EVER.


You had me until, “… I am not sorry that I constantly quit games”.
People like YOU are why it’s very hard to win as a solo player.


This. “I quit games and ruin it for everyone else because its too hard.”


Sort out the matchmaking for more balanced games and put laggy players where they belong. Thats it. As long as this isn’t fixed I don’t see a point complaining about quitting.Fix the game and the quitting fixes itself. Of course I finish 99% of my matches, but sometimes enough is enough when I have to face people with 300-400 pings.

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I uninstalled last night, just so fed up :frowning:
I’m average enough (Gold 3/onyx 1 usually and generally a solo player) as it is without the game conspiring against me. I played several games of KOTH on Gears 3, had a ball.

I will no doubt reinstall, I was just so fed up and the only way I can stop playing is if I actually can’t play, at least for a while.

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Stuff like this goes hand to hand with my complains. This is something, that should never ever be tolerated in a multiplayer game.


A solution to your problem is to join a few Gears Of War groups, post about your rank and inform other players that you seek to play with gamers of your rank or higher. After displaying your skills, and seeing if they are worthy, add them to your friend list and repeat the process.

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Trash like this ruins the game for everyone else. Stop playing the game and do us all a favor!


Guy with 300+ ping and 9 kills - however exactly do you get 9 kills agaisnt players with 20-30 ping.

Should be almost no chance of doing so …

You shouldn’t be quitting and there’s no excuse for it. However, the matchmaking should be smart enough not to put pings that high against pings that low. That’s absolutely ridiculous and definitely makes the whole match feel like you’re running in mud. Again, I don’t agree with quitting but I also don’t believe harsh quit penalties are fair until they start fixing the thing that makes the game play so horribly and that’s the lag. I have never played a game other than Gears where a 5ms ping does no damage to an enemy pinging st 65ms but for some reason this games lag compensation is programmed in a way that it’s too big a difference which makes no sense. So imagine what a 23ms deals with with a team of 200+ pings.

Honestly, ranked is not the place for a solo player, of you actually had notice very game mode is team based, so really should be aiming to play as a team or with friends.

If the game is too hard, then stick to social, don’t jump in ranked. By quitting you’require just contributing to the problem.


Ok I see your problem and its simple… KOTH is the problem. That game mode is seriously frustrating to play, and solo can make you throw a controller out the window. Play something else like execution or tdm.

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Again, everyone feels butt heart and only focuses on the one point they can argue…quitting.
Yes he quits games, but in all fairness you can not deny the game has become an utter mess. Its no longer enjoyable. 99% of your time is searching for a match, the other 1% is getting powned by laggy ■■■ hats who are warping around the map and blowing your face off with a Gnasher from 150ft away. Or sticking to absolutely everything and firing blanks.
Personally i have never quit a game and opt to play banterously as Fek it but still dont hate the player hate the game!


I was watching my friend on Mixer yesterday and he had a teammate pinging at 200-700ms but mostly at 200ms. I couldn’t believe how often I saw this player get a kill without the game showing him shoot a bullet. At times his teammate would teleport forward and then backwards and the enemy would be dead.

200ms+ and he’s sponging everything. Killing others without ever looking at the guy while taking no damage. What a joke :joy:

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Try LFG, get some like minded teammates at your skill level. In the meantime play social. Your frustrations, while valid, do not warrant quitting a ranked match. Period. Good luck

TC needs to bring back the ability for us to play with people from our own regions. More specifically, they need to give players the option to only play against others from our OWN COUNTRY. I cant tell you how many times i get stuck playing with players from “you-know-where” and have to deal with their POS connection.

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know what would be great but they probably wont do? solo/duo queues and then team queues i get that they wont do it in 4 so they dont split the player base but maybe in gears 5 if they insist on having this bogus bronze-diamond stuff instead of leaderboards they can since the’ll have another chance at peaking their fans

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Unfortunately this is the standard for the MAJORITY of games. Yes you have nice clean games but those are as rare as a shiny Charozard these days!

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Then imagine what 400ms do. Folks are just surfing around the map. It’s maybe funny to look at, but a pain to play against. The extremely rare games where everyone has the same connection are a blast and I don’t mind losing, because everyone was equal to one another, but people lagging their team to victory is just wrong.

I would never quit a game because it is too difficult, even with the most incompetent teammates possible, but I am really allergic to these connection warrior teams. My neighbours appreciate it too, when I just close the game from time to time :grin:

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