Wings 4: The Wings Gnasher weapon skin

Hey guys I’d like some help in planning out my goals realistically, I want the Wings Gnasher, but I know the grind will take 6 months or something. Approximately how many matches or how many days on the War Journal will I need to have to reach this weapon?

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Also I hope with all my heart that if enough people agree, the wings Gnasher can be pushed up to Wings 2 not Wings 4 because nobody wants the Wings Hammerburst.

Any thoughts?

Um why would it take 6 months and No the Gnasher won’t be moved to Wings 2…Why would they do such a silly thing?

5x XP on weekend, make the most of it :+1:

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If I remember correctly I think it’s about 41 million XP to get from 1-100 on Wings 4. I can’t remember precisely but someone else might know.

I think it’s less than that…I think 32 million

Yeah my mistake, I was confusing it with the Custom Lancer (going from Wings 4 to 5).

To the OP, I checked just now and reaching Wings 4 takes a little over 31 million XP.

Yeah I had to look as well…I just hit Wings 4 so I kinda knew the answer

Am I the only one who’d love to scrap my wings skins?

Along with every re-up emblem aside from the one that represents my current re-up state