Wings 10 level 100 - how many?

Because of all the time spent playing. Playing this is kinda therapeutic for me so I don’t regret it, but I definitely don’t feel proud of it.

Most of my prestige is from Horde on higher level difficulties as the game was out for a year before I even played VS. I feel like Horde was just a fun time waster and a chance to hang out with friends. VS has definitely sharpened my mind and reflexes though. There’s an actual benefit I get out of it besides fun.

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If it wasn’t for the XP boosts, I wouldn’t even be Wing 1 :see_no_evil:

But I’m currently Wings 1 - 75, I can’t see myself getting past Wings 2 or 3 Max.

I’ve performed a few speedruns in the past.

Nowadays, the time I put on this game is much lesser… I don’t play during xp events, nor run into 50 waves anymore. I’m wings 5 lv. 69. No big deal.

I’ve met people on public and lfg that are probably knocking on wings 10 door by now and NEVER did speedruns.

Thanks for the compliment!

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You’re making assumptions that are not correct. I’m a grinder who always goes 50 waves on insane and inconceivable thanks to having maxed classes and maxed cards - one skilled maxed out player can carry a team to 50 - oftentimes with my friends starting with me (and just the two/three of us finishing because of quitters) or they answer my call for aid and jump in to replace quitters. Going all 50 waves adds up extremely fast especially during xp events - during the 6.66xp event I earned about 77 million xp - no speed runs - (a friend who did speed runs earned 99 million) - maximizing the events combined with grinding 50 at all times is the key. During 8xp I was earning 1 to 1.2 million for every inconceivable game (depending upon the class I played) - that adds up very quickly. I’ve successfully grinded for the ruby scion, emerald COG, seriously 4.0 and all the versus achievements - the xp earned is nothing compared to horde - it’s just the way that it is. I utilize gears as a form of white noise/meditation - instead of reading financial news 18 hours a day I’ve cut that to a fraction, with no negative consequences, and have come up with some great ideas while playing - it’s actually been quite profitable and far from a waste of time. Good luck.


I wish I could calm down while playing, my whole body gets tense…

All cool, I did say well done :wink:
From your reply I have got rid of everything superfluous, albeit with respect. The fact YOU don’t think it was a waste of time is enough.

Everything we do, can be classed as pointless or a waste of free time in the end, if we are going to be fatalistic about it.
So eat, drink, be merry, tomorrow we snuff it :wink:

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Isn’t that the truth. Gaming in general would be considered a waste of time and money by many people. Fighting for that meaningless rank or achievement is pointless in the grand scheme of life but we do it anyways.


Yup. That’s pretty good bro!

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What is a speed run?


Spread your knowledge


There! Consider it shared!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wings 2 level 56 , mostly play KOTH now as I find Horde 3.0 boring as hell.

The real question should be how many wings 10 level 100 players are still playing this game. Happy New Year folks!

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Z-E-R-O. Zero players sir. If they have played that many hours to hit that level and still play it, they may have mental health issues, in which case, we need to:

  1. locate said players
  2. take them to a local hospital
  3. full diagnostic screening of
    a) brain function
    b) pulmonary fortitude
    c) white cell versus cheeto cell counts
    d) how many times they hit diamond rank

If everything checks out, they may recover. Only time will tell…


Speed run is so stupid thing i have never seen anywhere else. It is so boring and time waste, I am not sure how people keep doing it everyday many time.

Poet Warrior 14
If you don’t know what is speedrun, it is very good. Don’t go for it.

It’s just waste of time,

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There’s a lot of it on

Technically it’s a time saver, not a waste of time. It’s VERY boring, but you get maximum bang for your buck. <-- that’s why people do it

Mostly maxed out class gamers do speed run, if they already maxed out then what is the sense of doing speedrun - just for wing re-up.
re-up is nothing it just tells how much time you spend in the game.

I played a lot of horde and whenever I played I enjoyed a lot. If I am playing a game and don’t enjoy it, its a waste of time for me.


I’m not saying it’s the best thing to do or everyone should do it, was just explaining with people do it. They are definitely not fun. Boring.