Wings 10 level 100 - how many?

Hi - I earned level 100 for wings 10 yesterday (December 30th, 2018) - as I recall when it was announced about the creation of wings 6-10 it was stated there were 44 players who were wings 5 level 100 - I think it would be interesting to learn how many are maxed out now and possibly how many are in the various wings - thank you.


…and how many thousands of speed runs did that take, was it worth the pointless grinding effort…
That said, well played mate. :+1::grin:


Nothing to be proud of. There is no incentive to maxing out besides saying" Oh hey, I wasted tons of hours of my life to achieve a pointless level"


I’d probably not make it to 2019 if I put that much time and effort into Gears of War 4.

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I am at wings 4 level 89… it’s brutal! Never did a speed run, never will. I will never make it to max re-up, plus there is no real incentive to do so.

Not really.


OP literally never said there was anything to be proud of, he was simply asking a question about how many people are wings 10 and as usual you’ve got nothing better to do but spout ■■■■ out of your mouth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a goal in a game and reaching said goal.

Everyone enjoys themselves differently but instead you continue to project your narrow minded opinion on these forums as if it was fact. I seriously wish there was a block button so I wouldn’t have to witness anymore of your negativity on a game you don’t even play anymore

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but you completely avoided the original question and went straight to why it’s pointless to have leveled up to begin with.


So I said there is nothing to be proud of. It’s a forum, open for discussion, input and thoughts. I wish there was a block button so I wouldn’t have to witness anymore of your useless responses and crying.


Round 2…




About the only thing we can agree on, huh?

Im just gonna stay out of this. Have fun guys


I can’t even get out of Wings 1 :rofl:


I can’t get in Wings 1!



I can’t even get out of Wings 1. My friend is something like Wings 5 because all he does is speed runs. I play nothing but KotH which is not favorable to leveling up.


Almost a Wings 2 and I play VS exclusively, I get speedrun grinding up to Wings 4-5 but anythin beyond is just insane. I’d feel sorry for the Wings 10 dudes if they don’t got nothin to show for it on G5. To each their own, I guess. Still intrigued on how many max leveled players there are out of sheer curiousity.

I just hope Gears 5 gets the levels under control and it doesn’t take 60 years to reup once

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Truth, Potato. :+1:
People can be so small in this community. Sad when people who talk about a video game in an internet forum feel the need to dump on someone’s personal victory.

That said, no way would I grind for prestige in a game. I’m embarrassed about being almost a Wings 2. It’s not a point of pride for me. But, if it is for someone else, more power to em’.

Do what you love. Unless what you love is dumping on happy people.

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This is gettin’ good!
munches on popcorn


Why embarrassed? Almost everybody I know/play with on VS mainly is Wings 1-2, some Wings 3. Seems like the sweet spot for those who don’t main on horde.

@mendigo2005, I know you’re one of the best horde guys that doesn’t speedrun, curious what level you’re at now.