Wingman to make a return in Gears 5!

Wingman, a gametype that disappeard but, not forgotten! The first time I played Gears of War 2 with my older cousin was an amazing experience. Being able to have that same experience as in the campaign a two man team taking on the world just made the game amazing for me! I loved and appreciated the game type so much and I believe it should make a return to Gears 5! The classic way with 5 Teams of 2! Although you guys did bring it back to Gears 3, I personally believe and many others will agree it was missing the factor of a comeback team being the 5th team. The 5th team brought in the wildcard factor that can turn the tide of the battle and could cause the team on the bottom to rise to the top! I know this may seem far fetched Coalition, but If you do bring back this game type I firmly believe many Gears players of the past will gladly come back to the game!


But wingman died in Gears 2 & 3, it will only die again in Gears 5.

If it does return and die… then the mode should never return in future titles.

FFA should return since it only appeared in Gears once and it will be a great mode for solo players.


Pretty sure it wasn’t dead in GoW2. May have died in GoW3, but I’d attribute that to the trash social/ranked system.

If Dodgeball and Warzone were in this game, I think Wingman should be as well.

Also OP, I agree with you about the 5th team. Very important to gameplay IMO. Blood drive, one team spawned at snipe. Then one at each spawn and one in each frag hallway. Perfect.

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I think TC said that it died in 2, can’t remember but still, if a game mode has died in a game, then imo it should never return again.

Also, I’d give FFA higher priority to return than wingman. Game has enough team modes as it is.


I mean I’m sure BTTE would be dead by the same standards. They should at least bring wingman back for a special event (in GOW5) and see if people want it to stay.

Like I said, a mode dying in Gears 3 doesn’t really mean anything anyway because of how the vicious cycle was with ranked vs social. Had the playlists been set up like Gears 4, I don’t think it would be any different from Exe.

I wouldnt mind if they trialled as a special event, but it shouldnt be a day one launch mode.

focus on bringing a mode for solo players and introduce some new ones too.

Please bring wingman back its the best gamemode ever created! Its my Childhood lol we need Wingman back!

Same here the only way they can get me to buy gears 5 is to have wingman . me and my bud would no life the hell out of wingmen on gow2 and played it a bit for gow3 untill they force the DLC on ya when they did that game die to me .

Solo players? What kind of solo players are you referring to?

where is the dislike button times a million. if gow2 is remastered it would be stupid not to have it in (took a long time to die in gow2). who cares about gow5 wingman though. i would be surprised if the gow5 is any good.

For the love of Gears God Bring back wingman. Us as fans to the old games and not the mistake that was judgement can understand where I’m coming from. All that did open the door for new fans but also kind of took the love out of it as well. I honestly returned that game the same day because it wasn’t the game I came to know and love. Now we have ppl that only started with judgement and cannot experience what we did because they didn’t add it to gears 4 and it mainly Died in Gow 3 because it 4 teams of 2 instead of 5 teams of 2 in Gow 2 . And Christ sake put FFA in too so the judgement fans are happy.

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Make it happen​:hugs::exploding_head: