Wingman Battle Royale (Game Mode Concept)

Wingman is a classic Gears of War mode that many, including myself, would love to see return to the game. There have also been debates/discussions on whether Battle Royale mode could work for Gears of War. Wingman, as a game mode, has a similar foundation to that of a BR. This idea, which was put together by me and @Ferg_F (lKerm), came about with the intention to improve Wingman (eliminating camping/stalemates) while also implementing a BR style mode to the game. Let us know what you think! @TC_Sera @mjrdecision @Surly_McGruff

Below is the link to the Wingman BR game mode concept:


It’s like…beating a dead horse.

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It’s an okay concept and I think a kryll storm chasing players is honestly amazing, but Battle Royale is just over with

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Well not sure if you know this but some matches can barely support 5v5 and you expect the servers to be able to support more players? On a side note i would like to see OG wingman return though so +1