Windows store installation help

Hi there, I’m in need of some help.

I have the game installed on my desktop PC and have no issue with it. However, this weekend I am going away and wanted install it on my laptop so I can do some co-op/horde etc at a friends. Just done a windows update and when I go to install Gears 5 I can only select my OS drive. Every other game I can select either OS drive or the drive I have my games and apps installed on.

I’ve told system to install new apps to D drive, but Gears 5 insists on trying to install on C. Laptop is a gaming laptop with I76700 and a GTX1060. Plenty of spaced on my D drive (150+gb) to install the game - I went back and selected to re-install gears 4 and could choose either drive as install location.

Anyone got any ideas on how to force the install on D drive? Did think about installing on my OS drive then trying to move it, but I’m 15gb short on that drive and dont fancy trawling though it to try and make the room