Windows 8 Gears 5 R.I.P

I have spent hours combing all forums i can find and i can not for the life of me find a answer. Is gears 5 not playable at all on windows 8/8.1 cause if 7 can run it why the hell can 8 not and the only other thing i could see that might be the issue was the nividia drivers that are not coming until the 10th but even still are they that dense where they say just screw a whole chunk of people and not put any kind of notice saying nividia users be warned cant play till 10th cause nividia is lazy and didnt relase the driver and if you have 8 oh well.

Geforce GTX 980
16 gb ram
Intel I7 processor
Windows 8.1

p.s. if possible i would like to here from the dev so i know for sure if it truly is no work around to solving any of these issues that doesn’t require completly build a new computer just to upgrade to windows 10.

Windows 8 is not supported.

Windows 7 and 10 are.

why on earth is it like that is there no fix

I would only be guessing but probably because very few gamers use Windows 8.

There isn’t a fix as it isn’t a supported platform.

that saddens me now i am to miss out on a generation of gears when ive played them all cause they for some reason said screw it to windows 8 users.

This will probably give you your answer.

And yet this is the first game to ever have that issue for me.

If anyone does find a fix or work around or they decide to actually help all the windows 8 users ill be here hopefully waiting.

edit: i would also like to just point out that out of 350+ games i have played on steam on this PC this Triple A game from one of the biggest Companies with a lot of time under there belt and this is the first time i have had “oh your the 1% so we don’t care attitude”

I bought the game as well and the Ultimate Edition to give them support for steam version and now after i downloaded and installed got the msg that i need 7/10 to play it and I have 8.1