Windows 10 GTX 1080 users

Don’t download the latest nvidia driver if the gears of war driver fixed your crashing or at least in my case crashed less. The latest driver has me crashing every match again, Driver 398.82. I can’t believe this crap honestly pathetic at this point, 1yr of an unplayable game.


It certainly is frustrating.


Not for me :smiley:

Helps that you built your PC after the Nvidia issues started :stuck_out_tongue:

Mostly helped that I didn’t buy an Nvidia card :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thx for the heads up. I literally almost downloaded it just now but the July driver has actually been acting somewhat solid (hasn’t crashed in a week) so I didn’t want to push my luck.


Im trying it out. Minimal amount of game time but no crashes so far. Took maybe 25-30 hours for me to crash on the last driver.

Thx for the data, Ghost!
IIRC, you’re running a 1080 or 1080ti, correct?

The crashes are so odd for me because when they happen, they come in pretty quick succession. Tends to be 3 within about 5 hours. Then, disappear for days. Gives the illusion that I “fixed” something, only to see it resurface 3x in one day.

Please keep us filled in. Your helpfulness to the pc community is appreciated.

Np man yeah July’s was good for me too but I bought monster hunter and this latest driver had optimizations for it. I love gears, it’s one of my favorite franchises of all time but they’ve really dropped the ball this time around. I’m scared to get 5 honestly. Haven’t touched ranked cause of the crashes for the last year.

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Ghost is running 1080.


Nice man yeah I built this pc about a year ago and nearly went amd to go with my ryzen 1600. Honestly this gtx 1080 is amazing with every game I’ve thrown at it except for gears sadly.

Yeah well since Gears is mostly what I play, I went went with an AMD GPU instead. No issues. Still curious what the issue really is with Nvidia.
Guess we’ll never know :smiley:

Probably never know considering they barely seem to know. Maybe directX12 is the problem idk wish I did I love gears but play lots of other games too.

The crashes have ruined ranked for me. Unless I’m with friends who aren’t sweaty and won’t freak if I crash, I won’t play ranked.
Can’t go back to Xbox now that I’m used to pc either.

Obviously play other games as well but mostly Gears. Using a RX 580 8GB, No issues clocking a stable 144fps on Ultra/1080p and not gonna bother with 4K until the day comes I can play 4K @ 144fps :smiley:

On my GTX1080 version 398.36 works fine