Win a match on district

I’ve had this challenge up for four days, and I’m FINALLY just now getting a chance to play it for the first time since receiving it. Get rid of these challenges. They are stupid, not fun, and frustrating. Even if I win this match, it’s still stupid.

It was fine when there were only 7 maps in rotation (Co-Op vs. AI is your friend), but now it’s getting out of hand.

Btw, I lost, f*ck these challenges.


Next time try co op vs ai on intermediate, for some Reason it always comes up for me.

Seriously hate these map challenges

At least you got one of the 7 launch maps. “Win a match on Lift” on the other hand… I’ve encountered Lift once since it was added in operation 2.

I can only assume TC are bad-natured at heart and these are here to make you spend iron on re-rolling. That or so they can claim they have all these active players when everyone is stuck for hours trying to find the map they need.

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