Will you continue to play pve?

There is no content for the last drop and almost no bug has been fixed. Are you keep playing pve or only pvp ?

ps: it’s not a troll. it’s just to know your opinion


Well I still have classes to level to 20 for Seriously 5.0 Pt 2 so yes, I’ll continue to play PvE.


Yes cos it’s probs the best in the series.

I alternate from pvp (CTF/guardian) and pve depending on my mood.


you mean the horde of gears 5 is the best ?

Yes. I will continue to play PvE because I genuinely enjoy it now more than ever. Even more than Gears 4. At launch, my opinion of PvE was the opposite. I absolutely despised the horrendous hero system and it’s unnecessary restrictions like classes locked to specific characters, duplicate character restriction, not being able to buy any weapon or grenade type etc. I was ecstatic when they announced the removal of the hero system for Operation 5.

Having the freedom to play as any class and any character is way better than being forced to play as a specific character just to play as the class you want. Plus, no need to worry about having to switch characters just because someone else is already playing as your character as it was and always should be. I also love the fact that I can buy any weapon and grenade type from the fabricator. There are so many more options now than before. With that being said, I do love PvE in Gears 5 and will definitely still be playing it :+1:.


duplicate character restriction

That explains the marksman bug then. They just never tested the game with multiple heroes lol.


Only play Horde now and it’s what I’ve played the most. And will continue to do so until we get bored of the game and find something else :slight_smile:
Escape wasn’t for me, same with pvp.

I hope for Gears 6 they expand the pve part. Give us a proper map building toolset that is also for horde and possible coop-story style gameplay.




I will play PvE and PvP when I am in the mood to play Gears.

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That is why so many quit playing after operation 1, horde back then with the hero garbage was stupid and just not fun. I remember all the people who joined my topic tearing into the new horde changes and when they finally ditched that stupid system to make it like GOW 4.

Operation 4 and 5 saved this game, no one I know liked the map, escape, or horde at launch, people especially hated the need to double reload the gnasher and the whole 6 shots instead of 8.

Gears 5 had a terrible start but thankfully it course corrected itself, pray that GOW 6 does not make the same stupid mistakes.


Still got a lot of my characters to get to 20,(only completed 2)
Yes I will be still playing Pve,

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Enjoyement is still here with almost every class (even promo’s when doing some escape hives)
Playing with randoms can be a bit frustrating but it makes also each game different so … yes i will continue
Until the fun disappears.

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Yes, tbh there’s been little new I’ve been interested in anyway. Don’t care about new maps and skins and they have ruined events by taking the ‘event’ out of them and putting them in customs. Funnily enough since they put them in customs I’ve not played them once. If they rotated them every 2-4 weeks I’m sure I would have played them.

It’s by far the best PVE in any gears game, I may not play it daily anymore but I’m sure I will continue to enjoy it for years to come.

Fixed it😁

I havent played much since aliens fte came out, now that game is a broken mess for many reasons.

Different achievements are bugged depending on which platform u play.

Frame rate drops severly.

Gun noise loops and makes game unplayable.

No quick play, no join in progress. 124 different options when searching :man_facepalming:

Theres a bug which affects every platform when u cant join anyone and nobody can join u, someone on steam has figured out its something to do with file size and having skins, emotes, attachments on guns, some perks dont work, basically the game is borderline broken yet we got a new class and weapons…

Sound familiar??

But yes i will always comeback to gears.:heart_eyes:

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Certainly the most fun I’ve had on any gears games.

Started bad but pve now is in great shape thanks to the goat that is Michael Shannon leading the charge.


Yes pve is the best rn forget vs


yeah horde and escape is great with good players


I had handeled it the same way like TC here because Horde was never designed for duplicating characters or decoupling characters from classes.
So why play testing?

I was personally hoping for a leaderboard reset for times/scores on PVE to give the games some legs beyond levelling up classes. That doesn’t appear to be on the agenda so it’s more than likely i’ll not be playing for too much longer. My interest in the game has been in decline since OP7. I generally just pop on for a couple of frenzy speedruns or a game of classic frenzy each day then on to something else instead of sweating it for a few hrs.

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Just for argument sake. I will personally stop playing Horde as I did when the game was “alive” (as in, had more maps, skins, characters etc. coming) because I won’t get anything for mastering over and over the same maps besides a number in the Stats page changing +1 per map mastered again, which has no real point.

Some people have Fun just doing the same things (like shooting through a wall as Anchor, melee as Blademaster, use Gnasher as Infiltrator or spam Y as Demolitions), some others need to be chasing Achievements to feel accomplished, some others (like myself) need to feel like getting towards something, anything…

And these past days I’ve seen some crazy hosts in Horde games, like a Re Up 50+ Pilot who demanded deposits until wave 25 and kicked 2 people out because they “sucked” despite Engineer never bothering with that side of the map which resulted in no barriers so enemies were able to down guys.

With hosts like that who needs to help people out with mastering maps for 2+ hours just to get randomly kicked at any point.

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