Will you be able to download Gears 5 before it releases

What I’m trying to say is will you be able to download Gears 5 before it releases if you buy it digitally or with the game pass like a couple of days in advance because I have really slow WiFi and it will take me at least a full day to install it. I’m on Xbox btw.

More than likely. I’d be surprised if not.

Most game distributors these days allow for pre-download but you can’ t launch the game on the app (origin/steam/etc…) until it ‘officially’ launches.

Then again… I loathe the xbox app for doing wonky stuff, so who knows.


Yes, they’ve specifically said you will be able to preinstall the game.


Do you know when?

Not sure, but we’ll definitely find out in a reasonable amount of time.

I thought I read 2 days before release ?

Games ‘go gold’ usually 2-3 weeks before the game releases. This gives them time to create the physical media and ship it out to stores, as well as prepping servers and any day one patches if they need to.

I can see them putting it up for download up to a week before release.

Says it on the Microsoft website at least.

5th September at 9pm (I don’t think it states time zone, could be my local at BST since I was on UK website).

But definitely said the 5th, or a day before the Early release of the Ultimate Edition.

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Same for me (I’m Italian), I preordered the game and still can’t download it though.

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Yeah, will be same for everyone I guess :+1:


I was able to install at least the placeholder download from the Microsoft Store. It was like 10 mb.

Im guessing when the full preinstall is available it should automatically update from the files i installed.

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Yeah, I think mine was 100MB.


Either way,

You’ll definitely be able to pre-install / pre-download before release.

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I don’t…