Will Wednesdays update save Gears?

I’m really hoping it does! Cause there is so many issues with this game. I won’t get into that. Everyone knows it needs a overhaul!

If the fixes are good enough, it’ll open a bridge to come back.

However, the recent surge of sponging, 97% & no damage shots from gib range need resolving though. They’re at an all time high since the last title update


One can hope.

But hope isn’t good enough. A New Hope is a load of crap.

Bring on the fixes!

BTW: Love the gamer picture.


I hope it does recover the game but I’m mostly a horde player and I didn’t see anything in the Whats Up about that -.-
At least they fixed the disappearing weapons from the lockers.


Hope is wearing thin indeed. Could do with something good to cheer me up though, had a bad, bad day yesterday.

Thanks, a friend made it for me :grin:


In a single word, no.

They will improve the game for sure and I appreciate TC are actively trying to resolve these things a step at at time.

But the issues with this game run deeper. There’s alot more for TC to do. I just hope they don’t characteristically break something else in the process.

Also it just seems nonsensical to me that by the end of GOW4 the game was really good, balanced, and alot of the kinks ironed out. TC had GOW4 to learn what works and what doesn’t and for GOW5 they chuck most of it out of the window and are now scrambling to fix it all. I don’t expect GOW5 to basically be GOW4.5, but Christ - take the positives and the learning and build on it.


Leaning towards the negative myself. So with this “fix” more problems will come in the form of another mode and more glitches will happen.

It’ll save Gears 5 about as much as an intervention will save Amy Weinhouse. It’s a little bit late. The damage has been done and fixing a couple things doesn’t repair all that was wrong. I’m still open to playing if they make some changes but this doesn’t look like nearly enough.


Given that Amy Winehouse is now a corpse… :neutral_face:

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Yea, that’s what I was getting at.


Ah right. I thought you were referring to the extent of her drug and alcohol use toward the end of her life. :joy:

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There are a lot of people who have tried G5, didn’t like it, won’t give it another shot.

More worringly, there are a lot of people who love Gears but hate G5 and won’t return.

Even more worringly, G5 has such a bad rep and such little relevance in gaming, very few people even care now.

And that’s just considering the population side of things…which is important in terms of providing aspects of a stable, balanced online experience.

As for the actual fixes the game needs, and TC delivering even some of them in this update without issue (or need for further refining)…hahaha.

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Yeah it baffles me they didn’t learn a damn thing from gears 4. Failure is one of the greatest teachers. maybe they had a completely different team for this gears?

I just checked and the ranks aren’t reset yet. Is this update coming at 3pm Pacific Time like their other updates?

Given TCs track record it’ll be postponed till Friday and they will be new glitches with it’s introduction.

This changes are only to please the ones that still playing this game but don’t expect much since the number of players has declined.

Sadly they might go the same as mass effect andromeda. The devs realized there wasn’t enough people playing the game that it was no longer profitable to keep supporting it.

Anyone know what time the update is live?

Not for me. Gears 5 was their second chance, and they majorly blew it.

Are they gonna pay players to play the game or what ?? How else can they bring back players ?