Will we have to re-earn our ranks?

It’s possible, but playing solo doesn’t help. I’m definitely don’t consider myself a Master rank player but i would love some consistency in this Ranking system just to see how high I can nickel and dime my way up. Hopefully the new system won’t punish you too hard if you have multiple Quitters. People are gonna say squad up. Just doesn’t work for me. When I get on I get on I just wanna play. Plus some won’t even touch koth unless there in a stack so why even bother to hit them up. The few people I do play with our schedules are just so different so I’m lucky to get a few matches in a week with them.

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Everything you said makes to much sense lol. From day one there been something up with whom the system decides who is favorite. I been smashed by a well coordinated 5 stack only to see my team was favored and vice Versa. Funny how even when opposite team is favored by 12k and you do well in a losing effort you derank like you lost to team Team of Bronze players.

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There’s been days playing solo where I been winless for hour’s hell even a whole day. Seems I’ll always be on the receiving end of having a teammate quit. So yes i derank a few tiers within a day. I’m talking about a 5 to 6 hour session though. I’m just not good enough to carry a 4v5 on Koth. I think I might have about 5 total wins short a man since launch.

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I normally sit in Diamond 1 & 2 but find that 2 bad games can see you drop to Onyx 2. The ranking system in Gears 4 seemed a lot fairer - it would take longer to rank up but also longer to rank down. Regardless the ranking system is completely broke on this game and it’s frustrating as hell.

Looking forward to the new update where they hopefully reward you for individual performance. If I play bad and my team wins I should still lose points. It works both ways.


Yes, well if master players that are placed bronze and wins against Diamond players the drop will be severe. Just saying.

I’d be happy just to reach Diamond for the 1st time as was my goal going into 5, seeing as 4 was my 1st dive into Gears MP and I grinded my way from Bronze trash to consistent Gold player with Onyx potential as by the end of 4 I was minimum of Gold 1 in the modes I mainly played, while reaching Oynx a few times in the 2 I played most (Guardian and TDM).

That Diamond goal is fading though until hopefully the new Ranking system works lol. Discounting the Gridiron f*ck up with my fake Masters, Gold 2 is highest I been so far, which I’ve done twice… Guardian last Op and 2v2 presently.

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