Will we have to re-earn our ranks?

I lost D2 and put in Gold 3 Does anyone know if we will have our ranks put back or have to earn them again?

Have you tried looking in the last place you remember seeing it


Were they reset?

I dont think there was a reset recently, wasnt the last reset for the Gridiron mess up?

They wasn’t clear, but my best guess OP is asking if he’s gonna have to get back up to Diamond before the end of the operation to get his diamond skins… least that’s my guess.

@KC_JAY_1986 if your talking about season rewards, I pretty sure it’s a watermark. I hope.

Ya that’s what I figured too but I was just guessing if that’s what OP meant lol

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What mode was this in?

Also, how the hell did you go from Diamond 2 to Gold 3? No one that’s legitimately in Diamond should ever drop below Onyx 3 for any reason. That’s crazy.

Because of the ranking system,I lost one game and it got all they way down to gold 3 from d2 ,I guess there going to scrap the ranking system soon

What mode was this?

That’s a pretty steep drop.

I hope so. For whatever reason.

Ranks are such a misleading and false display of competence that it gives me great pleasure to see such effort climbing rewarded with a big almighty boot, with “TC” printed on the bottom of said boot, to the face sending you plummeting back into the dirt below Bronze 3.

It was TDM,I lost one game with my 4 man and I went 17 and 3 and lost D2 38% to Gold 3,I heard there scrapping the ranking system soon

They are, but won’t be too soon I don’t reckon, just cause they haven’t reached a point yet they are comfortable enough to give details or have the roadmap ready yet, so I’d say well into Operation 4 at the soonest.

Allot of good players have not played for a while. Maybe they came back for some games and knocked down allot of players.

If you lose as a stack the drop will be much harder. Espacially if you lose against silver bronze players that might been old good ones.

I haven’t stopped playing,I just find that insane,it’s such a big drop but tcs working on it


Playing koth solo anything can happen with quitter’s bro. That’s why I told you today I don’t try anymore when I asked you about water mark for season rewards. So far was about to hit D2 than I dropped to onyx 1 got back up to D1 now I’m at gold3. Nothing I did just people quitting and getting punished. Really bad when your favorite by alot and you have a couple quitters. It’s like anywhere from 800 to 1200 point lost a match. But than I can get right back up in a couple matches. For some reason if I beat up on low levels I get big boost if I beat up on good player’s I only get like 70 to 150 points

Sorry about your rank bro,it sucks,so many players like us are trying so hard to hit masters but can’t at this time

The only thing I can think of to explain that is the large point spread between teams causing big gains and losses when teams are way out matched. It should be the other way around.

The bigger the point spread between teams the less players should rank up or down based on the outcome of those games. The smaller the point spread between teams the more players should gain or lose depending on those games.

This would make a lot more sense with the way players are matched together by total team skill points causing diamonds and masters to get teamed with bronze and silvers to make balanced teams.

This would benefit all ranks of players because those games where gold, silver and bronze players get rolled over causing deranks for their onyx, diamond and master teammates would be the games where everyone gets tiny gains and losses instead.

If it can’t be changed to do this they could at least tell us the point spread between teams before the match starts. This way lower ranked players will know that they need to stick with the better players and back them up or whatever they need to do to win like staying alive in a TDM.

They could just go back to Gears of War 4 style pre and post game pages showing ranks so that we have at least some idea of what we are up against before the match starts. This would also help stop the why did get deranked so much complaints because then people can see that the bronze, silver or gold player performed better than they did or they lost to a bunch of lower ranked players and that’s why they got deranked.


I know where you’re coming from, but if someone is running solo, I could see how they could get a bad string of games that could lead to a big rank drop. Gold 3 is a little extreme, but I could see someone dropping below Onyx 3 if they keep having teammates quit or run into stacks that know what they’re doing.