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Will We Get a Captain America moment in Gears 5?

This is kind of a broad comparison but if you’ve seen Captain America: Civil War, you’ll know that one of the main plots is Iron Man trying to kill Bucky because he killed his mom and Captun Murica tries to stop him because friendship, whatever.

I just watched the 2018 reveal again–and realized how Marcus looks when he asks Kait, “It was your Grandmothers?” (Paraphrasing not sure if that’s 100%)

E3 2018:

Marcus and Kait’s Grand-Ma-Ma:

I was just thinking, it felt like Marcus might’ve purposely left out that he you know, stabbed Kait’s grandmother and called her a bitvh before she bled out on the ground–even if she committed genocide. I wonder if Kait’s the type of character who (if she finds out) someone like Niles, or Myrrah’s spirit (or whatever) could use that to make Kait turn against JD, Marcus, etc, as JD’s line alludes, “What if it’s not her choice?” Instead of the straight Kait gets corrupted and becomes Myrrah route.

I think it’d be interesting. (Also now I’m seeing how much better Gears 3 cinematics look compared to 4/5, even if it’s not so pretty).

Thoughts? Was this another waste of time?




I can’t imagine anyone not knowing that Marcus killed the Queen, seeing as how he was a part of the squad that won the war.


Perfect 1st response.
I seriously lol’d.


People keep secrets. We don’t know if the Delta Squad told everyone, who killed Myrrah. For all you know, the squad consisting of Marcus, Anya, Baird and Cole could have agreed to keep a secret like classified information. Maybe they said Myrrah fell off her Tempest and landed on something sharp. Who knows?


Yeah exactly, it’s not really known plus Kait came from an Outsider village, I wouldn’t think they have a recent history course.

She kinda did :wink: from a certain point of view!


Like kait gives a shxt about myrrah…

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Doubt it once she learns about everything myrrah has done.

This is all assuming that’s who her grandmother is :wink:

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Pssh. Plenty of old mutated British women have Mexican children they send off to live in isolated villages.

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There’s a chance. Don’t doubt the power of "family* especially if she gets brainwashed…like I said.

I think it will be more Myrrah getting angry through kait, rather than kait herself being angry at Marcus.

So everyone forgot about Clayton??? Lmao, his potential son was in GoW4 and lived among the outsiders… so

Believe me, nobody forgot Clayton. But what if Gary’s dad was actually the mentioned but not seen fourth brother?

No it’s Clay. Gary even has the tattoo. And I Believe Clayton is referenced at some point in Gears 3 as the “last if the Carmines” meaning that the fourth brother would’ve died.

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I so want that story. I have always wondered about #4.

Everyone has. My favorite moment was when Benjamin said “Me and my 3 brothers” and half the community went “The fourth Carmine is a GiRl!?”


I hope we do. As in, Kait turns evil and JD kills her. Best.Campaign.Ever. Please TC, make this happen.

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You’re outta luck if you want that to happen. You’ll be sorely disappointed.

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