Will we finally get what we want in season 6?

I want Ben, Vold Raam, Sraak and original Kantus. Oh yeah, commando Hoffman would be great as well.

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I know i definitely won’t be getting an onyx guard since the game doesn’t even work on the PC :grin:


Honestly the black steel armoured Marcus is my favorite cog of all. Anthony and Tai are close and hard to beat with him tho

BlAcK sTeEl HaLo SpArTaN mAsTeR cHeIF

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eVeN bEtTeR!1!1

Honestly I’m just Ready for 5. Ready for some new campaign to tell more of the story. I’m all hyped because they are going back to new hope.

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Don’t forget the Lambent!!! I think its definitely time for them to make a return

Marcus is a good skin too :+1:

Fits in well with eSports Pack 1 Character resigns.

I wish Pack 2 wish the Swarm used the Spectre Swarm as the white skin with Black Steel faces and highlights would have contrasted better than the flesh coloured ones.

I think he looks better than the classic BS Marcus. The classic characters look kinda weird honestly. How did Marcus in his old age - get buffer and broader shoulders and get taller?

The legacy characters from the old games look killer tho mostly because we have no reference from gears 4 gameplay itself.

But not gonna lie. In the game when Marcus says “it’s time to introduce the new cog to the old cog” - I get fired up lol

I wish they woulda/coulda done a campaign expansion like the prologue that introduced the old characters. Woulda been sweet to play as tai clearing out the hospital.

Agreed :v:

Also agreed, what we got felt rushed and a bit bland.

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Yea woulda been cool and fairly easy

You coulda played tai in the hospital from gears 2
Ben in gears 2 when he’s with delta before he dies
Anthony on the chopper in gears 1 til he’s shot down by a sniper
And Clayton in gears 3 in the thrashball dome

Coulda just been one quick chapter. Woulda been cool AF and gave all the new players some history into Gears lore as well.

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They could always make up for it in Gears 5, whether it’s a prologue or as DLC at a later stage :+1:

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I think The Lambent are the worst BS characters.

Nope. Gary is😂


Dude - people bought Gary carmine with the black fade Snapchat filter on him lol


Ha! As rubbish the BS Lambent are, I think Griffin, Gary Carmine and the Deebee Shepherd are by far the worst.

Griffin - has no armour so nothing to give the Black Steel treatment to. Basically he’s just wearing all black, and his clothes were a dark brown colour anyway.

Gary Carmine - as above - there was little to work with in terms of giving him the BS treatment.

Deebee Shepherd - basically looks like the Ninja Deadeye but with a different head. The way the Deebee armour is designed, there aren’t many suitable surfaces to give the BS treatment to either.

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Don’t forget about super star cole

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I don’t understand what any of that Black Steel stuff has to do with Gears.
Never heard it referenced before Gears4 and even then it’s only in multiplayer.

Like 95% of the skins, it’s not my cup of tea and doesn’t seem to fit with the lore.

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Well people, we didn’t get him in 4, but it looks like the Onyx Guard is indeed in 5.

Play the campaigns so you at least know who the onyx guards are :rofl::rofl::rofl: