Will they ever release ice weapons skins?

The skins that go with the ice kait will they ever release these?

It would kinda suck for people who bought the gears Xbox one X to get the skins.

They are scheduled to be in the store at a later date.

That’s all we know, that they’re coming at some point.

What am I missing? I have the smart Kait skin (the best looking Kait skin in the game for me) for buying the limited pad. I also bought the Gears X console, was I supposed to have weapon skins. I know you get some with the Seagate.

The Gears One X console should come with the Ice Block Lancer, Gnasher and Snub.

I got all the ice skins when I redeemed the ultimate game code that came with the LE console. I was going to sell the code till I realized the weapon skins were in the code too.


Yeah, the code for redeeming the gears 5 game (that came in the box), gave you an ice skin for every gun in the game.


Cheers all. I have yet to redeem the code!

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Can’t wait for these to be released in the store as a set.
Imo ,They are the best looking weapon skins in the game at the moment

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It will probably be 4 sets, for something like 800 iron each.

I know guys who bought the console, some even wasted their steelgate (is that it’s name? I have one myself but can’t recall if that’s correct… Beer) codes by moronically entering them thinking they get something unique.
But just like Guilded Raam, I earned that sh*t, to see any maggot could go ahead & buy it at a later date would just be yet another knee to the knuts.


Seagate… Read above.
Duffman! Myself & Sluurms are raising one for you.

They said this would be the case before launch.

Sucks even more for them. I’m just hoping you’re not talkin’ 'bout Raam. I got the GoW4 xbox & figured there’d be another one soon, so didn’t bother with the Gears edition.
Truthfully, I have Guilded Raam, the Phantom weapon skins & that halloween Kate (Day of the Dead but without the colourful crap), so personally I’m set now for the (seemingly short) life of this game.
I just feel bad for those who PAID for something exclusive. Even at the end of #4 it was bad to see you could craft some of those weapon skins. My console afforded me a few Vintage weapons, had to buy some Domino’s pizzas for the Zombies (Lancer pizza was probably the best I’ve ever had from there). But yeah, ‘Exclusive’ should mean exactly that.

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Ice weapon skin info

2TB = Lancer
5TB = Lancer, Gnasher & Snub
Gears 5 Console = All (18) skins

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