Will they ever fix the gow 3 sever issue?

I’m not sure why they keep letting gears 3 “break” shows 0 player count , maps have old weapon placement (boom shot on top of sand bar for example) and depths and overpass are back in rotation and ink grenades stun. I have tried to reach out a few times already I just hope they don’t give a blind eye to this like they did when they said they would put osok back on gow3 in 2017.



Its happened again.

Can you look into this?


You’ve called for Jan Itor?

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Why does that sound like the name for an alien species in Star Wars?

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Possibly. But my comment was just a scrubs reference.


Oh. I’ve never watched(or heard) of that show.

I can’t believe you had to explain this damn referen…wait…

YOU! @AmicableWall421

The very first thread I see since waking up and you’re up to no good already! Unbelievable.

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Old news by internet standards. You should’ve seen that post when I first made it. Sleep is not an excuse.

And good luck catching me. Been doing this a long time. (Stupid phone keys.)

Standards which pale in priority in comparison to my own. I say nay to your claim of no excuses.

I don’t need luck. What you consider a long time, I consider a short period. Tread carefully, Mr Wall.

Oh now this is where “No excuses” is an appropriate phrase! I use my phone for 99.6% for my time here.