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Will they bring back 25 wave Horde?

Love Horde but I cant be the only one who gets pissed when half leave after 20 or so waves. Now dont get me wrong, it takes a long time to get to 50 & can understand if people have to be somewhere & its taken longer than expected. Id like the 25 waves back as its quicker & I think there were less quitters . Then the players who choose 50 still will hopefully stay till the end.


Most likely, probably as an event.

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I really hope they do bring back Horde lite because 50 waves is a huge time investment for most players which is why many people leave half way though.

People quit even on wave0…
It’s simple really. don’t have the time to complete all 50? Don’t f*cking join.
Half the time i get matches where some want to clear all 50 but you’ve got those 2 or 3 that are like “nah this is boring” and quit a few waves in. Just don’t join then.

That’s exactly my point. We need options for horde, not just invest 2.5 hours or don’t join. Gears 4 had horde and horde lite there’s no reason to remove options from players who enjoy to mode. There’s also the point that now that Gears is on game pass new players are more likely to join and have no idea of the time commitment needed for 50 waves.



I’ve only completed 2 waves of 50 (with friends) so far out of the 15 or so matches I’ve played. I try to stay for the whole thing but by wave 25 I get soooo bored. I’m just so disappointed with horde in 5 that I’ve stopped playing.

Even with all cards/classes maxed out in gears 4 for the last year, I was playing 50 waves nearly every day until the day of gears 5 release.

I think maybe a 25 wave mode with decent XP might get my attention though. Horde lite in G4 was just too little xp.

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I don’t understand why they don’t implement a Horde 25 / Lite 'till the begining for Gears 5 … we have it on Gears 4 … but not on 5 ? Really dissapointing about that, I never have the time to complete a 50 or too many people leave the game … 25 or 30 is the better choice to play with random players, 50 is great when you can play it with good friends.

I have a question for all here : It is me or since the last patch, Horde mode on Xbox One X seems to runs at 30FPS only ? I play it today and I don’t have the feeling of fluidity it haved at the launch … very weird.

PS : Sorry for my awfull english.

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I was just going to start a new thread about this.

3 hours is a lot of time and I have responsibilities as an adult. I can’t always sink that much time into Gears, as much as I may want to. A session ranging between 1 and 2 hours would work nicely.

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Just do a custom match, start at wave 30. Problem solved.