Will they be showing a 1 to 50 of horde?

Title says all , they showed a 1 to 50 for gears 4 before it was released was wondering if they will be doing the same for gears 5

Do you have a link to that? I doubt that they did that. Even googling it showed me a max of 10 waves from pax. The only videos that arrived before release were leaks, which should have been taken down shortly after that.

So, to answer your question, I strongly doubt it. You could only hope to be around when someone posts a leak and before it gets taken down.

I’ve seen some saying that after the most recent Gears 4 developer stream the next ones would be held in Gears 5 Horde… but I haven’t really bothered to check myself nor seen official confirmation on this elsewhere.

a full 1 to 50 run?

That, I don’t know. I haven’t watched the last developer stream(don’t really watch those much at all, in fact). It’s just something I saw being mentioned. Might have to ask others who have watched that stream for details,.

I see. Well, thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Yes. Youtuber TheRazoredEdge will have a 1-50 video up at some point soon. His Channel HERE

He currently has a first impressions video up with his gameplay.


Awesome information. Your always on top of your Gears game.

Looking forward to seeing all the leaks coming out. 2 more weeks guys!!!

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They have 11 stores nationwide that will have Horde available to play as well. Microsoft stores in NY and LA from what I read on Twitter

UPDATE from Ooctus: So it turns out the list we received changed at the last minute. The Puerto Rico store and Florida Mall, Orlando were incorrect.

Here’s a list of the 10 (Now 8) participating Microsoft Stores across North America:

  • Miami, FL – Dadeland Mall
  • Oak Book, IL – Oakbrook Center
  • Schaumburg, IL – Woodfield
  • New York, NY – 5th AVE
  • Dallas, TX – NorthPark Center
  • Houston, TX – Houston Galleria
  • San Antonio, TX – La Cantera
  • Tysons, VA – Tysons Corner Center

Please contact your listed store of choice for information on availability before this opportunity closes on Sunday, August 25th.

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Yeah I’ll wait. I hate NY especially the city. Two more weeks and I’ll be good

Is OP gonna watch the 1 to 50 wave video and keep a note book by his side and write down all the pro’s and con’s to make up his mind? Just try it out for yourself on release, it’s basically free if you have Game Pass (Ultimate).

It is excellent gameplay/ speaking,cannot wait til September👍

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They did a first to fifty challenge between two teams… This is only a 20 min clip, but I think there are links to the entire thing…

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I don’t think i would be able to watch someone else play for three hours. :unamused:

I can’t believe Horde is still 50 waves. Ugh… :frowning:

It’d give good info for how many enemy types. The Razored Edge showed Wave 1 to 10. But what about Wave 11 to 20? This is what I’m wondering.

On fast forward maybe then. :wink:

Hmm… mexico city is #1, toronto, canada is #9, but al of these “north america” locations are actually just US locations… and TC is a Canadian company, ohh, goodie…

There’s Dev Stream tomorrow where they showcase Horde 4.0. It’s at 3pm PT.

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