Will they add a permanent xp boost?

The question is as simple as the title is,
Will they add a permanent xp boost at the end of operation 8 since it’s the last “real one” ?

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Maybe just for a weekend(s). Doubt it’ll be forever.

I expect they will still run those seasonal events like for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving etc (even if the Operations are going to be automated), so I reckon there will always be the occasional XP events.

Only time I see a perma xp boost would be about 6months before Gears 6 launches, as other have said we will be still getting holiday event xp for now.

They basically will; the repeating ToD that’s going up after ToD 8 ends gives enough Iron to buy more Boost than ToDs last for, so you’ll be able to always have Boost.

Yup but this xp boost is useless a 1-50 wave master don’t give me more than 10 lvl at reup 25…’–’

horde now in the mornings (U.K.)it’s getting hard to get a full game/horde frenzy without the ping being high,a permanent xp boost might perk up the lobby’s,Get more games on horde😊

I hope so too, maybe… we’ll see :smiley:

Need to sell boost so I think if you want to max out classes and Re-Ups then you will need to keep an eye out for exp weekends.

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