Will there ever be another Lahni skin?

The current store giving another Dom skin I think gives Dom more skins in one operation than Lahni has gotten since launch.

What’s up with that?

Is she hated? Unpopular? Hard to work with? In litigation? Under contract negotiations? Does she have corona?

I could understand fear of cancel culture using some nuance of her appearance to label them mysoginistic if they didn’t have over 50 Kait skins without getting slammed for them.

Spoof Delivery Driver Mac and combine it with product placement from Papa Johns to double your money and have Pizza Delivery Lahni.
Come on! - maybe you could even get Papa Johns to have their artist work it up so all you have to do is import it and sell it twice.


I don’t think it’s just Lahni. TC doesn’t have an even focus on characters when it comes to skins… you just have to look at what Baird received in Op 2 compared to Lizzie/the Locust characters.


Lahni got 2 skins since launch so she’s even with Dom for the moment.


True but also her two skins have been A) 10$ and Chrome Steel, so…

Not really balanced. But she’s on the docket for this OP. When the update first started you could see all the store items in the game, including Lahni’s Island skin and some other old ones that’ve already come back so I’m sure her Islander skin will return eventually.

Hopefully she gets a Jungle Tai-esc warrior skin and Keegan gets his old school Onyx armor, it might be the closest we’ll get to the old Onyx Gear.

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Jungle Tai style skin for Lahni would be cause me to take off work to wait by my xbox and buy it the second it was available in my time zone :laughing:

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Oh your not the only one brother,

Just imagine if they did these for all 3 ladies. Ohhhh Lizzie come on girl!

Cheers! Also, where the hell you been man?

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Wasn’t Lhani apart of a squad during the locust war? I’m surprised that isn’t a skin.

Yeah, then I think she got arrested during it and was locked up until after it was over. I could be way off but I thought thats what happened.

Personally I’d like a prisoner Lahni skin. Take influence from Cody.

And they both look fantastic. Not sure what your point is here.

Brash Brigade. She namedrops this in-game as well.

I’ve been on a lot. Haven’t seen you once. Maybe you accidentally blocked me :laughing:

Hey man,

So that’s weird but Xbox un-friended us. As you where completely removed from my friends list.

That’s weird. Is there like a cap or something on how many you can have in friends list?

Anyway, very weird.



They need to do a better job on the skins.

Raam is the legend of locust & got no love.

While Baird has over 9+ skins…

Every character should have at least 4 skins.

If they can’t provide maps at least do that.

Looking good isn’t the point (opinion since I don’t like Any CS)

The point was that they’re both 10$ skins available forever ago while Dom’s skins are Free and available now. If you couldn’t tell from the contextual subtext.

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I would like to see a younger cog gear skin for lahni and onyx guard skin for keegan, mac does not need anything considering the welder skin will come out soon.

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Keegan only has 1 additional skin it’s not just Lahni

Another reason they need to put more than 1 character skin in the store each week, too many characters to drip feed character skins. Especially when they spam the same Character (Baird)

I think you spelled kait wrong :laughing:

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At least Kait wasn’t the character who had half a dozen variants only sold in the Store during Op 2.

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I don’t mind having 50 kait skins or anything I just want a few more Lahni skins to buy. :wink:


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Na, Kait actually hasnt had a ton of store skins (CS, Hivebuster, Skeleton are all I think) and her having a lot of promotional and campaign skins make sense since shes the main character

Baird has taken up hella store time