Will there be New Maps?


will there be any new maps for horde and versus?

it would be great to have new maps

Yes. Maps appear to drop with each new operation.

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there has to be @DerrameNeutral and additionally a horde map editor also.

Where are the new “maps” for ranked multiplayer? Not counting the G. O. W. 4 maps we originally weren’t going to see, we’ve only received 1 new “map” all-father’s arena. The cover configuration changes a couple times, but this is still 1 map and I think the game has been out for 5 months. They said they bit off a little more than they could chew in G. O. W. 4 making a new map every month, but can have new weekly escape maps. ??? Yes, there were 3 maps for the new free-4-all, but still look at G. O. W. 2 out of the 29 maps 5 were flashback maps from the first Gears , and I know I’m not the only one that would love to see this game remade with the current movement system, not the old Gears 2 movement, or however they want to improve on the current system, I couldn’t believe “ultimate edition” the first Gears game on a next gen console was a step backwards not forward in the progression of the game.