Will there be more Arcade like modes

Im not going to lie. Arcade mode is growing on me. Well with the rifle head-pops and purchasable weapons. I just wish you had more control of the load outs and which power weapons you can pick. I actually hope they introduce more modes under arcade and keep the rank/core modes separate. Feels like a good warm up before i jump into sweat mode

The Coalition confirmed today on the developer stream that Arcade deathmatch is just one out of many other arcarde modes they will introduce to Gears 5.

There will be more, different arcade modes coming in the full game.


Arcade will be its own playlist, the idea is that you could play pretty much any game mode with arcade rules :slight_smile:


Thats pretty freaking sweet.


I’m more looking forwards to doing Arcade on every map. Not just District and Training Ground.

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I assume that game modes have altered rules for Arcade mode, like Arcade Deathmatch?

I presume so, however TC could change based on tech test feedback.

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Will there be more classes and characters as well?

TC said they plan on it, so I would be surprised if it doesn’t happen (unless arcade becomes super unpopular)

Hmm Arcade KOTH sounds pretty enticing.

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This playlist grew on me as well. I’d love to see this with Dodgeball rules.

It’d be probably be much better than normal KOTH.

Lol i love normal KOTH. But Arcade KOTH does sound fun. Im still more of a competitive kind of guy. So i dont see myself straying. Now if there is a ranked Arcade KOTH :heart_eyes:.

Well, with more power weapons than normal, pulling weapons out of nowhere. Everything should be amplified and more powerful. More weapon variety rather than pickups on map.

Only problem is, Arcade modes don’t let you choose character for class / hero. It’s fixed and locked,

Yeah that doesnt even bother me really. Its a nice alternative to traditional Gears. I see how everyone is posting its missing the essence of Gears. But the point is to offer something different. Id play it to mix it up. You dont always want to do the same thing.

I still think its a great mode to practice aim and aim speed. And even taking cover quickly. Plus work on weapon skills you dont get time to work on in Ranked on a regular basis.

I think it’s a better mode / playlist to practice rifle play and long distance killing. Practicing with different weapons, instead of getting lucky to pick them up as pickup.

Onyx / Diamond level in Ranked might be rifle fest. But Arcade is power weapon fest. More interesting.

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Yeah i see thats the consensus so far. Im interested to see if that can be broken with the right mix of smokes/flash bangs (ranked rifle meta).

I havent had any problems yet getting close enough to use my Gnasher (weapon of choice). I have had to place smokes properly and use Lancer at times to get there, but i didnt see the difference. Either way if it is that much of a problem it will probably be balanced. I dont think TC wants to kill the Gnasher. Gears 4 is still Lancer heavy Onyx 3 and up.