Will there be enough Energy left to build, or will it be

Now everyone can build, and buy whatever they want, i was thinking, will the game still have players doing what they do best, will they still keep dumping Energy, or…
Will we get selfish Bat Turds buying what they want, and thinking about it, will everyone want to buy a Lancer GL.
Some thoughts i have been having.

Also, off topic, sort of, i hate what The Coalition have done to the Engineer. He/she is basically redundant, or dead now. Well done The Coalition, you are my Heroes :clap:

I dont know, personally looking at the engineer cards the engineer has become one of the best classes, Especially if del is engineering and baird has his sentry boost card.

How does the Engineer become one of the better Classes when they have been made redundant.

And, i am not going to use my Global Sentry or Global Weapons Locker for people to build in my stead and take advantage of me. Feck that. The Engineer is a support character, they support by building for the team, and if they can not do that, then it is time they looked to themselves.

OP 4 is going to bring out a lot of selfish players, and the Engineer is at the back of the Queue.

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yeah, it was my thought early on that with everyone being able to buy and upgrade everything, the only thing the engineer is really good for is repair… But Jack can repair… Is jack as good as an engineer? No… But is the difference worth it? Wouldn’t it be better to add, say, Clayton or Lizzy on the team, and leave engineering to Jack?

I’m sure we’ll experiment and find out…

Jack is Borrring. Most people think and know this. 50 Waves of that thing will get you ready for bed, or dead. However, i got to admit, he is the better option by my thinking.

I play mostly Engineer, so i am out of a job, which means i need to look elsewhere. I am thinking Paduk, or Fahz now. Never played JD, but i suspect there is still many people playing him at the moment.

Ive said it in another post. I dont see this being a huge issue.

People want to complete the match. Also if you have a level 4 tap it gives you 1500 instead of 1000.

Oh, it has gone up. Nice. Still though, 1500 is not exactly a big jump.

I suspect it will be a matter of mindsets really, i mean, will people play as they used to, or will they become selfish idiots and think, “Sod the Engineer, no one needs them now”.
Most likely it will be Custom Games that will reign supreme.

I am still downloading Gears 5, only at 30%, so i will not be on tonight.

Thats 500 extra a round per person which is 2500 extra every round.

Also the repair boost and discount still make an engineer worth it. Trying to repair or refill anything level 3 or 4 is very time consuming

That sounds so much more when you put it like that. Although, if it is just 500 per person per round, and not 2500 per round, then, maybe it is not a lot after all. So, which one is it, 500 or 2500, for example, if i took the Energy from the Tap, would i get 500, and everyone else too.

Also, you might find less Engineers playing Horde now they are not needed so much. No one is going to play the Engineer if all they are doing is repairing Fortifications made by everyone in the game.

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I really think they are, silently, trying to push people to use taps more… With the numerous really good PERKS (vs cards), that energy has to come from somewhere…

But, honestly, even on master with no taps, we frequently have 100+K in the fab by the end, so as long as people are patient and don’t try to perk up right into the game, it’ll be fine…

When i play with my Forum buddies, there is Energy left over, i barely use Sentries, it is all Barriers (level 2) and Weapons Lockers. Usually by Wave 30, i have everything i need, including Energy for repairs. But they are good lads and still keep dumping Energy.

Give it a week, and lets see how much Horde changes. I got to admit, i am not looking forward to it as an Engineer. It is looking more and more likely i will need to change Class.

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well, to be honest, even if we don’t NEED an engineer anymore, doesn’t mean one won’t be useful and helpful…

They made multiple characters more powerful, so it’s not like we NEED another damage dealer in place of an engineer…

In GoW4 everyone could buy everything, and we had powerful classes, but people still used Engineers…

Del’s extra barrier health is really good, for example… Baird’s overlocked… etc… There are reasons to still be an engineer…

When you collect energy what ever you get everyone else gets.

It is 500 per person per round. But when you are depositing thats 2500 extra per round.

I think people are just looking into the negatives of all this

If I was an engineer and people were buying fortifications I just wouldnt repair them. People arent gonna buy stuff they cant repair.

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No, they will just buy a Repair Gun and waste even more Energy. I bet The geniuses at The Coalition did not think of that one.

Not impressed with this OP 4 I had expected better things for the Engineer, this, this is just a kick in the Chicken Nuggets. Grrr.

I think its gonna be fine, in gears 4 we had this option from day one, and while on casual and sometimes normal there would be people like this, but on higher difficultys its much more rare, and with the power of kicking in private lobbys.


You gotta stop looking at the negatives.

But like I said if you are playing a match without an engineer you will need more than 2 people repairing between waves. Its not the smart move to not have an engineer. They are still worth being in the game

It wasnt a huge issue in Gears 4 its not gonna be a huge issue in Gears 5

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To be fair, most of what you’re upset about is speculative and you haven’t even seen how often some of those things will occur. I wouldn’t stress about it too much until you actually see those things happening frequently. I think you’ll see it more on lower difficulties than higher difficulties, but that’s true with people being stupid in most games.


Just Mastered the new Blood Drive - without an Engineer in the early waves, we’d have been screwed. Everything is a LOT more expensive to buy now, so without the discount cards in early waves, you just couldn’t set up any kind of base. Engineers still a vital member of any team, don’t give up hope OP.

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I dont see how eng still has all discount and perks its why custom is king the min someone buys a 3000 barrier without asking BYE!

Engineer still brings good stuff to the table like cheaper fortifications and faster repair on del buffed bleeds on Baird with fortication being healed by kills I’m lost as to why ppl are crying about the new fabricator system

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