Will there be different characters in the Esports “Greatest Hits” Pack?

I have money saved up because I really want black steel locust Grenadier. Will there be different variety of characters in each pack or will it be the same 5 from last Wednesday?

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Nah, the current Greatest Hits pack will remain as it is. They may release a different Greatest Hits pack in the future containing different characters, but this particular pack will remain as it is.

If we do get another Greatest Hits pack, it probably won’t be until on the run up to Christmas at the earliest. They’re still promoting the Supporter 10 pack and will continue to do so until the San Diego event finishes (at the end of September).

I’m pretty sure there will be a Greatest Hits Pack #2, it is easy to implement and quite profitable. As for when will it show up your guess is as good as mine.

Hopefully the next one is all locust characters.

if they replicated it i think it’d be 3 locust and 2 cog at least until they run out of one side recently the esports packs have been cog sided but the credit packs have been locust sided so i think when we start seeing cog sided credit packs we can maybe see more locusts getting the black steel treatment