Will there be any more feral weekends?

Been a long time. Want some horde packs.

Or just craft them. They are craftable.

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Need some like Midnight Omen.How we can craft this?)

Midnight Omen was obtainable from Horde challenges last year and in other challenges earlier this year. At the time of typing this they are not craftable.

When TC stops support for Gears 4, they will be made craftable to avoid a similar scenario to the Sybarite achievement in Judgment.

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is that 100% info?)

Yes, they will eventually be craftable.

Is there also be versus rewards skins?

Flaming skins?

I dont know) I am really a new player in GOW4) there was some diamond, toxic, there is too much of them. Also i saw some exclusive characters, like gold Carmine.

The Gold Carmine you mention is the Golden Gear (which is different to the Classic Golden Gear). That’s one of the exclusive skins that apparently won’t become craftable.

Everything that is craftable now, will appear in the core Gear Packs. Everything else is considered exclusive, whether it be progression based (Diamond Gear, Diamond Scion) or eSports based (Phantom Weapons and Black Steel characters).

ok better then preorder gears 5 and play there to unlock everythingXD

You cant even unlock everything when you have a job and you cant play alot, only in holidays, so what to do?