Will there be a GoW2 Remake?

Just wondering since GoW1 got one. It would be amazing to bring back those mechanics and maps. Has the best campaign, best multiplayer maps, and a good balance. Except for the connection issues and over powered shotgun.

No, already stated multiple times

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Quoted for truth. (Do the kids still say this?)

They’ve explicitly said no. One may think they could have been lying to keep the secret, but after their presentation at E3, I’d say it’s just a genuine “no”.

For the record, a Gears 2 remake would suck. It’s definitely the worst game to remake. I loved Gears 2 and it’s my favourite for nostalgia, but I think a remake would tarnish how I think about it.

The maps were great, I’ll give you that. But the weapon balance in that game was atrocious and only worked because the game was so laggy that you couldn’t abuse the weapons lol. Put that on dedicated servers in 60 fps and you have a trash game. The characters were also slow, fat and clunky. It adds to the immersiveness, but it’s hard to go back to.

I would love a remade campaign and horde though. Just not multiplayer.

It’s been Xbox one x enhanced with backwards compatibility, but that’s the closest you’ll get to a remastered version.

I would say gears 4 would be the worst to remake. Never no with TC thought, right?

Yeah maybe we’ll have a Gears 4 remake after Gears 4 dies just like we had a reclaimed, lift, impact and harbour remake.