Will the top 100 gnasher reward be cycling every OP?

For OP 7 they got a cool obsidian version and I think before that they got the regular white version. This season we’ll be getting the white version with blood on it which I have mixed feelings about tbh. But I was wondering if they planned to add a new gnasher every comp season for a while or will they be cycling the rewards between those 3 gnasher models?

On a related matter how many coins to heroic items give when scrapped? Just wondering for if you get a duplicate skin set or a duplicate gnasher. I know I got a duplicate legendary mark which gave me 800 coins so I’m curious about how much heroic items give.

We’ll probably know when the drop 2 news article comes out.

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Oh have they not said anything yet? My bad. I also hope they add a COG character reward for top 100 too tbh because skorge is nice and all but if they want to bring people from PvE into PvP luring them with a COG character would be good.

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The only thing they’ve announced is the Bloody Grandmaster Gnasher. Which is for next versus “season”


Wait I thought that was for this season. Last season got the obsidian gnasher right?

Edit: I was wrong I think Obsidian is OP 8’s reward and Bloody is OP 9’s reward.

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I’m gonna say I disagree because the rewards won’t lure me over to play PvP where you run in quicksand while 90% of the gameplay is focused around Gnasher fights while the other 10% is split between supporting Gnasher fights with the Lancer, crossing setups(from what I hear, anyway), power weapon fights and power weapon usage while the game boots me out of a lobby when I haven’t disconnected and gives me a ban with no option to rejoin, or straight up just bans for a lobby getting taken apart when I wasn’t the one leaving it pre-match(the concept of pre-match bans for leaving a lobby is extremely silly to begin with imo). And yes, those are things I experienced in the past when I dared to try playing Versus in 4, and contributed to me deciding to never touch it again in 5 and probably onward too.

And I’m that guy who says it’s a dumb idea to lock a general mode reward, aka COG characters, to playing a single mode, aka Versus, much like the idea of slapping Swarm skins into the Tour as the General reward is just dumb to me because it’s a general progression system but what does it give you as end reward? A skin only useful in one mode. I would be super pissed AND not bothered to play for say a Heroic Lizzie skin locked to the top 100 of a grind only leaderboard in something where I have absolutely no interest in the gameplay just so I could have that skin in Horde/Escape. Just keep the Versus leaderboard rewards Versus skins, whether that be for the Swarm/Locust characters or the starting loadout weapons of said mode.

Difference is TOD can be completed by anyone so the reward should work in both modes imo so a cog character would be good. A top 100 character can be cog because it works in the mode you earned it and PvE. Saying “no cog costumes because I can’t be ■■■■■ to PvP” isn’t really TC’s problem. Heroics skins will always be 40k coins afaik other than the prestige rewards. If they announce a cog character for the season’s top 100 onwards you’d see player numbers increase for sure.

Edit: Also the skins are already for both PvE and PvP and they do kinda help bring people over but a cog costume would help even more. I know there have been some complainers regarding them not being able to get obsidian weapon skins as PvE mainers but overall it helps. I don’t really see much of a difference between weapon skins and character skins exclusivity personally.

Big surprise, TC literally removed mode specific rewards from the Tour because PvP players complained about having to do PvE to obtain stuff(inlcuding COG character skins)…

So likewise, why should I as a PvE player be forced to get top 100 in a PvP leaderboard for a COG skin when the PvP players whined and got their will? Especially when said leaderboard is based off of who can play the most and not hardly skill based? It goes both ways. If they don’t want to play PvE to get stuff, I shouldn’t have to do PvP to get stuff.

And I’m not gonna bother with Versus not just because I cba to play it but also because of the very obvious issues you like to complain about rather often lately, amongst other things.

But as far as I am concerned, a skin that is usable in all modes shouldn’t be tied to having a like top 100 or whatever placement that you also have to keep rather than just reach, while there is dedicated characters only usable in that mode. Or better yet just keep it to weapon skins and call it a day. It’s not a matter of exclusivity that I care about, either.


I don’t agree with them removing PvE rewards because of PvPers ■■■■■■■■. Even if it’s a time sink reward some PvEers will play PvP for it. Cosmetics are just that, cosmetic. You don’t need to have a skin if you can’t be ■■■■■ to play PvP or PvE. Main reason I suggest it is that you don’t have or need SBMM in PvE whereas on PvP they need as many players as they can get to maintain a healthy PvP SBMM. Hence the incentive.

Well I’m definitely not falling into that category. But I’m one of those strange beings that plays to have fun, so… yeah.


Which is why you don’t play PvP :sob: it’s a casino out here soldier :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

I’m busy slaughtering grubs(and Swarm) over here already, and trying not to take Boomshots to the face. I can’t be everywhere, give me a break. Or better yet, get them off my back so I can get to some other things.

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Tbh I think there should be some sort of cool reward for maxing all the cards on every class. Some dope cog skin would be nice.

Well it’d at least give me something to spend all of my excess coins on, if it was of interest to me.

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At this time of the game lifetime, I doubt that PvE players want to try to get PvP skins fighting for a leaderboard that promotes getting no life (or not playing other games) versus skills.

I know that many players think than PvE players can’t be great PvP players (so many players in this sentence, I wonder if there is another way to write this), but some PvP players from previous Gears games turned to PvE because of the tuning or versus not being satisfactory or some other motives.

I play PvP only because there are medals attached to Ranked/Competitive. I liked a lot PvP and PvE back in Gears 2 and 3, but now I just don’t have the time for grinding PvE levels and cards and also playing PvP.

Also, many PvE players (good players) are leaving (or they already did) because they just completed the game. I’m still waiting for the next map and unlocking the last achievements (and lvl 6 cards every class) so I can start Gears Tactics and getting every map in horde completed for Gears 2 JP.

I’m not interested in any PvP reward. I know where I stand and my skills/time to spend in this game. I liked when Escape had a leaderboard, even if wasn’t a 100% functional one

You imply that having a reward wouldn’t encourage any players to come from PvE or come back to PvP to try and get it. We’ve confirmed two (2) guys wouldn’t do it but way more would come for a cog skin than another locust skin

As far as I know finishing top 100 this season it’s the grandmaster bloody Gnasher, last was grandmaster + trinity Skorge if I recall.

Obsidian skins are earnable every season, it tells you which mode rewards which skins.

I checked the OP 8 thing and it said season 8 is obsidian which afaik is this season right?

I think that doubt means not a 100% certain of something.

Yeh this seasons top 1,000 guardian rewards for example is the obsidian load out set, last time it was control if I recall.

I’ve already got the power set from the last guardian rewards.