Will the lobby browser ever be fixed/improved?

The player counts are never right, Most of the lobbies say 4/5, you go to join and it says failed because there isn’t enough room for your squad (even though you’re solo), hell even when it says 3/5 it does this, or gives me some other error about the gears services.

Sometimes it works when I try to join twice, so I just go down the list pressing each lobby I’d like to join twice and then a lot of the time I can’t get in ANY of them - even when I get sick of it and try joining ones I’m not interested in (on lower difficulties) it won’t work.

Why is this an issue? Will it get addressed?

This happens because the information regarding lobbies is old. The server doesn’t refresh often enough, so the information on lobbies you get sent is outdated. I would hope this will be fixed, but I’m not counting on it anytime soon.