Will the execution gametype in custom lobbies have the dead room?

The ability to talk to the opposing team when dead and waiting for the next round?

Why would you want to do this? Trash talk?

No to have friendly conversations after being killed lol


A lot of people normally use the party chat function anyway so would be pointless.

It’s very rare someone has a mic plugged in to talk nowadays.

Gears would t be where it is today without this. This is fundamental. I know things have changed since the first gears what with party chat but some people like to have a laugh and talk smack. It gees u up and the opposing team to fight harder and wind each other up. Its a laugh.

For trash talk and mental f*ckery of your opponents you have chat option.

It works amazingly. Try it.

Also like listening to the music people play through their headsets.

Oh wait, they still do that? Oh wow, some things never change.