Will the devs fix serious issues? Must some have a lesser experieince than others?

I don’t mean to be rude. I’m sure the mods and the devs work very hard. But I see some serious issues described in the forums which seem to go completely unanswered. One such issue which I’ve been unable to find a solution for months since it has became a noticeable problem is the occasional stuttering. Searching the forums it seems to affect Nvidia users mostly. I’ve messed around with all kinds of settings and tried tons of tips, The game has been reinstalled but for whatever reason even when the performance is doing especially well (which it doesn’t as well anymore but it’s fine- I just don’t know why RDR2 now runs better than Gears 5 on my pc) sometimes everything just turns into a garbled stuttering mess for maybe 4-7 seconds. I’ve recorded that but so have other people so it doesn’t seem worth uploading. There are other examples. This was my main use of the forums until recently: lurking for years, as what seemed like the most accessible means of tech support specific to Gears.

Tonight I figured I’d have another go at that awful “win a competitive ffa” medal, I managed to get a match without a long wait- only to be immediately “kicked” after the map loaded. Upon returning to the menu, I was offered an option to rejoin, and I chose to do it. The map loads, and maybe 2 seconds after being shown the overhead map I get the big blue gear loading screen again, followed by a message that I’d been kicked again. That notification is followed by a second box asking if I want to rejoin again. But by now the fun and amazing players have probably built one or two folks up to 10-12 kills- so I would only be joining to have less of a chance of winning than I even started; a waste of time. So I figured I’d restart the search.
But instead I’m banned until I play quickplay, I guess? That’s not what I booted Gears up for this evening. So instead I found myself again searching the forums to see if other people had this issue. Maybe it’s something I can make sure doesn’t happen next time.

But then I realized: have they devs ever interacted with the forum at all? I’ve been playing since the first game, but I am admittedly new to any of the forums so I just don’t know. But am I wasting my time expecting any kind of genuine support for problems that people have with actually playing the game? I appreciate some of the changes the devs have come up with in this game- and heck I would like to say some things that they fixed were REALLY COOL and a huge relief. But even the most helpful thing they’ve done for people that get to play the game properly seems to me like it should be less of a priority than making sure everyone gets to play the game properly.

I love Gears. I’m grateful to the work by The Coalition. I don’t mean to be crappy about it, I just admittedly have high expectations with this franchise and I want to know what to realistically expect.


Haven’t read your wall of text. But no, they will never fix Ghostmelee.


I guess the main thing I want to get across is addressing (or not) issues which literally keep people from being able to play the game with the balance it has (even though they technically should be able), as opposed to trying to tweak the game balance.

Gears 4 also had many problems with Nvidia and in the end TC blamed nvidia and nvidia blamed TC. The crashing problem was never fixed.

Does TC ever visit the forums? some individuals do, very rarely though. Right now the only one that ever does is the one in charge of PvE. They used to interact more with the community but the game itself is so broken that they gave up and several ended resigning.

The stuttering issue was addressed I think by the community manager some time ago and they pretty much said “ask nvidia on their forums”.

Other than trying older drivers, I don’t think there is a foolproof fix. Also do remember that G5 is on the way out so keep your expectations to a minimum.

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Do the devs even play multiplayer player? Like aside from friggin horde, I get it needs attention too but lord knows the state of pvp right now.

So much more frustrating than enjoyable. Don’t even get me started on the severe issue that has been plaguing the game currently.

Ghost shots. Why. Out of all the things why ghost shots.

Not to mention the absolutely horrid inconsistencies in pellet detection and the fact you can still hit 99 in 1.

Did they remove one shot downs? Serious question. I haven’t hit a single one of them. Literally only 81 to 99 percents.

I’m just dumbfounded.


Tbh I find this aspect extremely frustrating. I don’t get the feeling that they like playing their game.

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Ikr, it’s like bro we don’t like it you don’t like it just please get rid of these changes

There seems to be no long term vision. Its just kinda like they toss some things together and pray that it works. Gears 5 has basically been several completely different games over the past two years


They should really y’know








From what I can see you can message the community managers on twitter and are more likely to get a reply than on the actual Gears forums.

Getting someone who actually works on the game seems next to impossible. I think the new PvE lead came to answer questions when the Locust/Lambent were in the process of being added.

I highly doubt TC play their own game but I don’t think that is a unique thing when it comes to Game Devs. I honestly think the solution to your problem is to not play Gears 6 on launch day or even launch month and to wait for word of mouth, reviewers, content creators to tell you if the PC port is better on a wide range of setups.

Only one developer as of now, but he does so rarely.

Michael Shannon, he’s the PvE lead developer (if I’m not mistaken).

His tag is @ TC_MichaelAOS

Maybe there are other devs at TC who might be reading the forum posts, but they don’t interact.

I saw on a dev stream that Sera only plays horde and has never played MP, don’t remember about the other 2 that were on the stream but they were playing horde that day

you could assume what their preference is…

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And that too primarily as Jack

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I play on Xbox, so i can’t relate to those Nvidia issues.

What I find funny is that i remember in gears 4, week after week they kept saying “we are working with our partners to solve Nvidia issues”.

Who knows maybe the are still working hard to fix those issues :joy: