Will the "day 1 patch" be added and completed for pre-load before the game goes live?

I don’t really want to download the game only to have to download another large patch and would rather jump straight in at the release time because I don’t have the fastest internet connection.

There’s definitely a Day 1 patch. It was mentioned on last week’s Developer’s Stream.

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I know that but if it’s ready to roll out before the game actually goes live I’d rather download it then or at least know if I’ll be waiting to jump right in.

Day 1 patches can be rather large. Probably will be in plenty of time unless you have dialup.


USRobtic 14.4 x2… It is some bad az dial up though :stuck_out_tongue:


I doubt Live would even let you connect on dialup.

Gears 4 allowed you to download the game including the day one patch when that was available for pre-load, I’d imagine it will be the same with Gears 5.

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Depends on your connection but the patch I imagine would be with the pre-download.

If not,

Can’t be much tbh.