Will TC ever fix gears 3 from its pre patch state and give it the latest update?

When will the coalition ever fix gears of war 3 I mean the ranking up is extremely slow. socialite and seriously 3.0 are unobtainable and forces of nature modes only include guardian which it’s supposed to have brothers to the end. and other modes including hype execution isn’t there I hope coalition fixes this issue and puts the latest patch on gears 3 and also I’ve heard that gears 2 JP the ranking up is extremely slow if coalition can fix this it would be much appreciated! :pray: @TC_Sera @TC_Shauny @TC_MichaelAOS

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TC has mentioned numerous times that they won’t go back to any titles by EPIC (Legacy). Should be some threads somewhere

I mean I know that but it’s kinda strange how it was working December-February which makes me think that coalition is still supporting gears 3 but are just too busy with the current gears of war games.

A game that is that old just doesn’t make sense to go back and work on , better to focus on where the majority is and future projects

I also have the achievement myself but I made a new account awhile ago and I won’t be able to get it due to the game being at pre patch state. And yeah it’s an old game but if they fixed it a few months ago why can’t they do it again for temporary at least that would be nice of them. and also gears 3 is made by EPIC games, then it was given to coalition so they can do it but it seems like they just don’t want too by the looks of it.

Microsoft actually bought the rights to Gears of War and gave the responsibility to their younger/less experienced devs to continue the franchise with future games; not to go back to previous titles

Yeah but still what keeps going through to my head is that if they fixed it months ago why can’t they do it again and then warn the players if it’s going unobtainable. games like halo for 360 it’s shutting down and 343 gave out a warning to their players telling them that the servers are going down starting December of 2021. I think it’s pretty unfair that coalition doesn’t warn there players that something is gonna be unobtainable soon. With gears pop they warned us but why couldn’t they do that with gears 3? Just fix it one last time then warn the players if it’s going unobtainable. it’s a disappointment to achievement hunters and unfair for new players.

The Coalition do give warnings when they intend to close down or remove support, as you mentioned Gears POP! is an example.

The issue with Gears 3 and Judgment was not planned, it’s reverted again like it did before, it’s on their list of items but as it’s a Legacy title, it’ll be quite low down the list, sadly that’s the way things are.

I do hope they get a moment to look into it, as I haven’t finished Seriously 3.0 myself, and miss the Epic Reaper events, some fantastic community members would put on, LeMansFahrer, xSonoshee, EV0LONE, OnyxGuard109 to name a few, plus TC Shauny was hoping to become a permanent Epic Reaper as well.

It was fixed all of a sudden as a surprise last time, so fingers crossed it will at some point again.

And then they outsource to teksystems contractors

No wonder the game is butt cheeks

I honestly hope so man. I’m speaking for the people that are achievement hunters like me. and for the new players who want to get the medal. and to top it all off the forces of nature game modes aren’t there including hype execution, the only mode on forces of nature is guardian, and it doesn’t even tell you what mode it is. I seriously hope coalition fixes this like how they did in December.

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Every couple weeks I play a game of the special events in judgement hoping they get a fix, im at 29/30 ribbons. Pretty sure I stopped at 29 and then told myself I can go in any time and get my last ribbon with the last game mode they left up. Of course it was a repeat mode when it was explosives only so alas I never got it. As for Gears 3 I can complete it since I have all the medals done that are unobtainable now but I’m terrified to lose my progress with the reset glitch happening to gamers.

My rule… you break it you fix it. Easy