Will tc add to have different skins sets in cog and locust?

I’ve been wanting this since launch, like how gears 4 had that u could have a cog set of skins, that matched your skin, and a different one in locust, so u didnt need to keep changing it every time, i hope TC adds it, for example, skeleton kait with bones guns, but if i get locust and have a golden palace guard, wont match in my opinion, and i have to change them and sometime i dont even have time, , do you guys think something like this would be added? would make me really happy thanks for reading


That would be cool, I really liked that set up!

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According to the latest developer stream, it’s low on there priority list. Really hoped they added it for OP5, but I guess not… :worried:

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Imagine going backwards within your game development. Remove a cool features for what reason exactly?


It is another thing among many that no one seems to understand as to why it was in G4 but not on G5.

Hopefully the “brilliant” minds that made the decision left the studio already.

Would love to see it back of course but before that, they need to fix their game.


I’ve mentioned it a few times. But it was a useful and well-liked feature. TC don’t like that.


I made a thread on the exact same thing.

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