Will someone between reup 6-10 PLEASE help me real quick?

Looking for some screenshots from someone reup 6-10 please.

Anyone, doesn’t matter who

You dirty lil wh*re :kissing_heart:

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I am reup 8. What do you need?

I need a screenshot of the main menu, main menu with social panel, and results screen so I can pull the re up badge for 6-10 from it

While I can’t help with your request, I am a fan of the gold wings you sport.

Edit: you’ve reuped again lol. It had gold wings behind your level the other day.

Results? Do you mean end of match scorecard? Can I just start a horde wave and quit?

yes that would be good, I need one from the results screen, main menu, and social panel

like these

Give me a few.

Thank you very much

Sent via Xbox Live message. Hope they work for you.

TYVM!! Got what I need now ty