Will our esports characters carry over into gears 5?

Will all our black steel characters and esports weapon skins carry over into gears 5? I think they should given the price of them. I am hoping they will and in gears 5 we will get something different like white steel skins or something along those lines. What do you guys think?


Nah, I’d rather start a fresh collection with different skins.

Always wanted White Steel Characters and what not :+1:

Didn’t like your $250+ pack idea but def support the white steel…I think that would be cool

You know I actually suggested White Steel and Diamond Skin Characters way back around a year ago on the old forums - guess TC listened to my idea :+1:

I would just like to keep using some of the really awesome stuff I paid for. Plus add to the collection of exclusive content.


I understand that but the Black Steel should stay in Gears 4 so TC can bring something new and updated for Gears 5.

Or else TC will probably get lazy and just churn out the same old Black Steel !!

And here’s my post just over a year ago:


That’s why I don’t use real cash on games…


I was more on the idea that black steel would be exclusive to gears 4 and no longer be purchased and do something new for 5. I spent a lot of money on them and would like to keep using them. I have all but 3 of the black steel characters. Tai being the one I really still want!

Going to guess since it’s not 100% confirmed, but I think it will not carry over.


Shame because I had at least 3 Tai’s and if there was a trade system - I would have gifted you one :+1:

But I get what you mean, I pretty much have all the Black Steel Cards too but it’s up to TC at the end - I wouldn’t mind either way really …

Doubtful but you never know. Gut instinct says no though

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Dude, if we could gift characters, I would have shared the wealth also. I don’t think o spend as much as you but I spend atleast $100 on each. I had a bunch of skorge, UIR, rams and such.

Someone would have gifted me a Black Steel Kait, lol.
If only that was true and possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have gifted so much! I have no need for duplicates and I don’t care to deal with trying to sell that ■■■■!

No, then everyone who paid for skins or characters then want them transferred over to Gears 5. Plus it’s all about new content and not about the old. It’s going to waste time and money for porting them over to Gears 5 even though it uses the same engine.

At some point you have to let go of the content you paid for and look forward to new stuff. TC has no obligation to let you keep content across games.

I understand that, but it would be nice.

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It would be, but realistically, TC simply wants us to buy/earn them again if they return. Otherwise They’ll be losing out in the revenue if they take the time to make it again in Gears 5 and they don’t get anything from it.

There’s no reason they can’t do both. Black Steel characters transfer to Gears 5 to show who’s been supporting since 4, while all eSports characters sold in Gears 5 are a new variant like white steel.


Again, as I said before, it will cost time and money to port them over in Gears 5. By wasting time on bring old stuff, then there is less time for innovation or introducing new skins.

Instead of transferring characters, they could simply give an exclusive black steel emblem to those that supported eSports in Gears 4.

Again, people need to look at this from the business point of view. Opportunity and Cost.


yes. they hate money.