Will Operation 2 reset all progress with new medals?

Obviously Operation 2 is imminent. Having not yet got General on Tour, will all the hours grinding be lost with the new operation? I’m only a few ranks away and am getting close to finishing the medals, it’s seems harsh to lose everything and start again??

I don’t have much time to dedicate to it and so it’s taken me until now to get where I am after getting 100% on campaign.

Had since launch pretty much to complete TOD, it was more than enough time. Just try and do challenges every day. That’s pretty much all I did about 30 min to a hour, mostly on co op vs ai or arcade depending how much time I had. So try and get a jump on TOD2.

Cheers for the reply. So it will wipe all my progress and start again? For medals and tour rank…

Yes. We’ll get new medals and a new TOD to work on, and all new rewards.