Will not get gears 5

Yep that’s right will not buy gears 5. Since gears 4 has to many issues from quit bans that’s beyond players control as Lobby collaspes . Connection to servers problems, high ping sponges, weapon hit detections up close hits saying 4 hits 10 percent, other team 100 percent damage from close and far distances. Slower then normal reloading, active reloads don’t damage the enemy like other gears games. 5 will be a carbon copy of 4.

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Oh ok, see you in Gears 5 man


I doubt it.

Dude, it’s cool. Most of the people here that say they are not buying it will end up buying it. It’s all out of frustration and most of them don’t mean what they say about not buying it.

I admire people who won’t buy it.
I’m too weak. And there’s few other games I like