Will Keanu Reeves be a playable character in gears 5?

TC can you please make this happen?


Dont give them anymore ideas of guests. Already too may guests. This is turning into MK.

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While I do agree with you with all the guest characters imagine a Keanu telling you you are breathtaking even after you get brutally murdered by him to refresh your esteem.


He’s already appearing in Cyber Punk. One of his characters is in Fortnite. I don’t expect to see him in Gears.


Don’t you mean smash bros?

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Might as well just do everyone while TC are at it.




Star Wars,

Harry Potter,


And so on.


Marvel? Star Wars? Imagine what Gears would be if Disney got their hooks in it. :astonished:

Mickey Mouse $10 :laughing:

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Ooh! Ooh! Let’s not forget the Teletubbies!

I can see it now. Clutching with Tinky Winky on Raven Down with a brutal yet strangely poetic teabag on the last victim.

But seriously, they need to calm down with guest characters. The games barely been released and there’s already the T-800, Sarah Connor, Spartans and Batista.


The image of Tinky Winky saddle/straddle punching me numerous times is not a pretty sight my friend.

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Are you kidding? We’re talking Disney. Micky Mouse $19.99. And the game would be rated E10. :rofl:

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The Execution should be Tinky giving birth to another Teletubby and then that one ravaging you to death.

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This is true :joy:

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On the flip side, I bet Disney has at least one movie with Keanu.

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That’s so disturbing on many, many levels…

I love it :heart_eyes::joy:

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I had flashbacks to when I played Dante’s Inferno.

Amazing game but very disturbing :eyes:

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If I can play as Gandalf, that would be hilarious. Or Aragorn, for that matter.

The amount of LotR quotes I would use in normal gameplay would rise tenfold.


The one liners would be amazing.

As stated before,

18 Rated DBZ would be immense :sweat_smile:

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I don’t mind as long as he is portraying John Wick