Will i keep halo characters once game pass runs out?

Just the question in the title really… I have game pass on my main account but it doesnt share the halo characters to my kids profiles so im happy to do the £1 month for each to get them as long as the chracters stay once the month is up? Thanks in advance!

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I don’t think you can get the halo characters from game pass anymore. I’m not 100% sure tho you might still be able too. But as far as keeping them I can’t imagine they delete them self’s when the times up for game pass so I think your alright there

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I think you can still get them they are listed as part of the ultimate edition in the store… Guess il just try it later its only a couple of quid anyway.

Unless your using Emile for escape your not missing much sadly. They have half as many perks as the classes that come with the game. Very unbalanced once you dig into it. They should fix it.


The Coalition has long ago confirmed that you will keep them.

I am playing on the PC. I have got the Terminator skins but Not the Halo characters. Doesn’t make sense to Go ultimate without an XBOX One. But would Like to try Emile…

I have a spare code lying around somewhere since I had GPU running but also purchased the physical UE for Gears 5. I could give it to you for free if you want it. Code should still work as I have not used it.


That would bei great! Haven’t expected that.

I need to bring this thread up again.

What will happen if my game pass runs out? Does someone know? I don’t own the game. And i didn’t buy the character packs from Halo and the terminator packs. But because of game pass ultimate, i can play the Halo chars and the chars of the first Terminator pack (Sarah Connor and T-800), but not the second Terminator pack (Rev9 and Grace).

If game pass runs out, can i still play those 4 characters? I found this link, but i wanted to hear it from someone who experienced it already :

So right now the Triple Bundle is for sale (Gears 5, Hivebusters, Gears Tactics). I want to buy all of them, but it wouldn’t have the Gears 5 Goty Edition included, which means the Halo chars arent in there and i would have to buy them again, in case i can’t keep them for sure if GP runs out. Thats at least what i can read from the descriptions. It doesnt say it includes them. But i think it is still the best way to get all essential content (not counting skin varaints and weapon skins), First i need to have the question above answered.

Second question: Is there any bundle containing the second Terminator pack (Rev9 and Grace)?
I dont think i saw any, so that one would be pretty expensive and i would wait for a much better sale.

You know… that link you provided literally says that you are going to keep the Halo characters even if your Game Pass runs out.

And no, there is no bundle that includes Grace and the Rev-9. They are a separate purchase that was added post-launch. At least as far as I am aware.


I know that it says that in the link. But i also literally said i wanted to hear it from someone who experienced it already to be sure and more importantly also my question contained the two additional characters from the first terminator pack (sarah connor and t-800), which what i found out now, were given to GP players (me) within the first days. So i guess they will stay too, even when GP runs out. But i rather don’t guess, i wanna know. Asking doesnt hurt anyone. Thanks tho.

Yes, you will keep everything. Been there, done that.
It’s all attached to your profile.


Thank you very much! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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