Will gears of war 5 be like this too?

Delpan - 130ms
kvN fjv - 90ms

First kill - I’ll shoot first and die.
Second kill - 80% of damage and dies
Third kill - I’ll shoot first, but they both die. lol


The thing people don’t understand about trades is that the opponent is seeing the same thing as you. They see themselves shooting first too. The connections aren’t instant. There’s a delay.

The reason trades exist is so that the first thing in your clip doesn’t happen as often. The problem I have is that I constantly get no kill when I see I’ve connected on them, and my ping is very low.

This kind of trade never happened in Gears of War 1 / Ultimate Edition.

It is a fact that the game is broken when it comes to mechanics.

The wallcancel and the constant changes in sotgun damage have broken the game.

Gears of War 5 could be based entirely on Gears of War 1, so this kind of ■■■■ would not happen.

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