Will gears 5 support sli?

will sli support be available @ launch or later down the line thanks in advance for the responses


Hopefully it supports Nvidia in general

SLI? As in doubling the chances of the game crashing?

Jokes aside, multi gpu compatibility is not guaranteed nowadays since single cards can be more than enough.

I have raised this question to Octus who stated that details of the PC version will be shared soon.

I hope it makes it for launch but it’s most likely going to be a post launch feature.

Gears implements Dual-GPU support very well.

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Ooohh yeah, please, please, PLEASE, support SLI…
I have been so sad when finishing my first run of GoW4 WITHOUT sli (on my 4K TV…) in 1080p although I had 2 GTX 1080 in my PC.
Then discovering 3 years later that developers finally added Multi-GPU support (yeah, I just discovered it yesterday)
So now, I will do the game again, but this time in 4K :heart_eyes:

On a side note for developers: There are still players believing in multi-GPU solutions, as a lot of modern games, at their launch, will push hardware so much that even an overclocked 2080Ti won’t be able to render it at 4K/60FPS… if you want some proof, just check out “Control” by remedy…

I still really want to buy Gears 5, because I’m in love with the franchise, but could be a no-go if there is no multi-GPU support.
I don’t want to change both 1080 for a single 2080 Ti considering its price, and considering that 2x1080GTX are still as performant (even more under certain conditions) than a single 2080 Ti

I know, I won’t make any difference at all, just wanted to share my opinion and hopes for the game :wink:

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Sli or Multi gpu supporto like Gears 4 please!!!

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Please bring in mgpu support for gears 5 !!