Will Gears 5 have gear packs? Or will it return to unlockable multiplayer content?

I think we can all agree that Gears 3’s multiplayer unlockables are far superior to Gear’s 4

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I would think it highly likely we get both from the off. Which I can live with.

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There will most definitely be a combination of the two.

We only need a balancing of the RNG system which is the main issue within Packs.

I certainly hope so but how can you be so sure?

Just seems logical at this point.

I’m sure TC will revamp it.

It’s either that or moving to Direct Purchases and Unlockables.

I’m more thinking about eSports Content and how they general money. Only TC know how much RNG Packs brought in versus direct purchases.

No one can be 100% sure but those of us who do think it will happen base it on the fact there has been a pretty big outcry about the change to rng/pack with 4 and TC have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain by this “show of good will”

Maybe have 20 odd characters/weapon skins aligned with progress/landmarks . We luckily have such a large rosta, which will no doubt grow with 5 that 20 can be “lost” with no impact to their bottom line.


Characters/weapons through progression is an absolute must. I actually enjoyed Gears 3’s medal system as well, it gave you an incentive to play certain modes and do specific tasks. Gears 4 was brutally disappointing through total lack of anything, giving us a half-bothered War Journal, and a really messed up RNG system.

With Gears 5 they really can’t make it any worse.

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100% agree. I do hope Gears 5 has earnable content, but I think you’re correct in that the pack system will never go away entirely. I really think you nailed it as you described it, Gears 5 will probably have a mix of both. That’s probably the best we can hope for.

I do hope there’s a better system if Horde continues with the cards. The RNG system to even get the right cards to play is just horrible. Some players got lucky and got at least 1 of each quickly. Others took literally months to get a missing card (hundreds of packs). A better system if TC must keep the cards is to have the first level unlocked already (or unlock as you level up your class) and then subsequent cards are used to level the skill.