Will Gears 5 have a road to Gears 6 in this last Major 4

The last Major in Gears4 we got

Thrashball Sniper towards Gears 4

Also 2 weapon skin sets &
Gilded JD , Marcus , Kait , Scion , Raam & esports Kait towards Gears 4 & Gears 5

Sure. Why not.

Would be nice but I doubt


There is to be no further effort to be made in Gears 5. They can’t even fix bugs let alone add new content.


I can see both yes and no happening. I’m leaning towards no.

It’s been a long time without any support. Can’t see a fury happening at this point unless it was already completed but not released.

You’ll know time is nigh when they take these forums down.

Taking the forums down might take effort. I’d imagine ‘new,’ more appropriate forums would be created for Gears 6 before someone takes these down.

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I’m hoping for a forum opening for Gears 6 on June 12th

I believe that’s how it’s worked before. New forums appear and the old one is lost to time.

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I remember when they initially casually removed all the discussions for Gears of War 4 as if it was nothing.

I understand they wanted to make way for the sequel but it was terribly disrespectful to the predecessor and us members.


Preposterous! Listen to what you’re saying! TC has always prioritized cosmetics over bug fixes

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