Will gears 5 get graphic upgrade on Xbox series x next holiday?

The next Xbox was just revealed for next holiday called Xbox series x. All games compatible just like the one x. So will gears 5 receive a graphic patch for the new system when it comes out like gears 4 did with the one x?

Most likely but it’s so early that you won’t get confirmation till probably around E3 2020 or later.

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I’m sure it will

Depends what the upgrades involve. I honestly don’t think they’re making enough money on this one to put a whole lot of resources into it a year from now. I mean, they’re struggling just to deliver content for the game right now.

They updated 4 for the One X but it was still a pretty popular title at the time and the upgrades weren’t as intensive as an entirely new platform.

Well there’d be Ray Tracing, up to 120 FPS so…

Ray Tracing on most likely won’t get you 120FPS, definitely not at 4K at least.


I hope so, I’m definitely getting the new console…they can bump it up a notch still. Looks fantastic on the X right now though, so I’m good for now but it would be nice to get an upgrade next year for sure

and it also depends on whether TC wants to spend the dev time working on ray tracing. I would be very doubtful.


Unreal Engine can do it, but agreed, most likely for Gears 6.

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If u are to buy the new Xbox x next year, u will have to buy a a new tv that supports Hdmi 2.1 as well to enjoy most of the benefits for this upgrade. That is going to cost u,

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For the Series X,

You would want to get a 4K 120Hz TV with HDMI 2.1 to enjoy the full potential.

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Already obsolete hardware.

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It’s rumoured to be pushing 12 TFLOPs which would make it an incredible console if true.

2K 120FPS would be the norm for sure and it’s easily good enough for the next 5 or so years and there could even be a more powerful version after that which would by then, be able to do 4K 120FPS quite comfortably in MP.

For 2K/120 FPS you need GTX1080TI or RTX2070 Super.
Those cards are 500-700 EUR and are still with a high price today after 2 years on the market.
I have GTX1080TI OC from Zotac and usually play 90FPS on 2K resolutions.

By the time the new MS console is out, I will already upgrade to RTX3080TI - That card will be for 4K 120 FPS gaming and we are talking around 1300EUR price. RTX3080 is already confirmed for June/July and RTX3080TI for August.

For 500EUR all-in-one-box if you get constant 60FPS on 2K resolution you will be happy.

Since when are specs important?
I was told human eye can’t process more then 30FPS ?
Isn’t cinematic feel everything?


You’re misinformed quite a bit.

An Xbox One X can do 4K 60FPS right now.

But with 12 TFLOPs of pure gaming optimisation - 2K 120 and even 4K 120 is easily possible.

A 3080 Ti isn’t guaranteed to hit 4K 120.

It took 2x 2080Ti’s for me to do 4K 144Hz in Gears 4.

And with a single 2080Ti - I was just about to get 100-144FPS at 2K with everything Ultra/Insane on Gears 5 campaign.

With MP - I have to drop down to High/Ultra to get 240Hz at 2K.

But consoles are different - they can be £500 because they’re going to sell 40-50-60-70-80+ million of the things and everything else is tied to the console. The games, accessories, services and subscriptions and the in game micro transactions.


A few things…
Humans can notice an improvement in going above 30fps. This isn’t debatable.

You’re speaking in very vague terms as far as specs go. Every game will run differently. There is no such thing as a card or console running a specific fps or resolution.

And, to answer the question about specs being important; they’ve always been important.

Gears 5 can already run in hardware even much better than the xbox series x, so the only thing they will do is to raise the quality settings a bit.
But patches that improve the quality, with new textures, effects, etc., i don´t think so… it´s very unlikely.

On Series X?

It’s a monster of a console.

Games will blow Gears 5 out the park when they release.

Give it 1-3 years and they’ll be far more advanced.

The hardware of the xbox series x is equivalent to a mid range PC gamer so it will be a monster for the consoles, but in hardware it’s nothing more than the other world knowing that there is more expensive hardware, yes, but much more powerful in every sense.
I’m sorry if I’m direct, but it’s the truth.